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Play Warfare 1944

Warfare 1944

Warfare 1944 is an engrossing online war game that challenges you to defeat your enemies and survive to fight another battle. With...

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  • Play Shadez 2

    Shadez 2


    Shadez 2 takes the solid foundation build by the first...

  • Play Castle Wars 2

    Castle Wars 2


    The sequel to popular strategy war game, Castle Wars, Castle...

  • Play Bug War 2

    Bug War 2


    Bug War 2 is the second game in the Bug...

  • Play Battle Gear 2

    Battle Gear 2


    Battle Gear 2 is an excellent online war game that...

  • Play Epic War 5: Hell's Gate

    Epic War 5: Hell's Gate


    Epic War 5: Hell's Gate is the fifth game in...

  • Play Assault Fleet

    Assault Fleet


    Assault Fleet is a real time strategy game taking place...

  • Play Heroes Battle 3

    Heroes Battle 3


    Heroes Battle 3 is the third game in the Heroes...

  • Play Penguin War

    Penguin War


    Penguin War is without a doubt the cutest tower defense...

  • Play Ageless War

    Ageless War


    While most us want the detailed and ultra realistic graphics...

  • Play Furious Tank

    Furious Tank


    Furious Tank is an excellent action war game with great...

  • Play Alias



    Alias is a two-dimensional shooting game with platforming game elements....

  • Play One Ton Gorilla Warfare

    One Ton Gorilla Warfare


    One Ton Gorilla Warfare is a great action war game...

  • Play Shadez



    Shadez is an engrossing and entertaining war game in which...

  • Play Build and Destroy Live

    Build and Destroy Live


    Build and Destroy Live is a multiplayer war game. This...

  • Play Flash Conquerors

    Flash Conquerors


    Flash Conquerors is an excellent strategy war game that challenges...

  • Play Civilizations Wars

    Civilizations Wars


    Civilizations Wars is one of the most engrossing RPG war...

  • Play Vector



    Vector is an entertaining retro style shoot 'em up war...

  • Play Raft Wars

    Raft Wars


    I nominate Raft Wars for the title of cutest war...

  • Play Elite Forces: Clone Wars

    Elite Forces: Clone Wars


    Elite Forces: Clone Wars is an RTS war game with...

  • Play Territory War

    Territory War


    Fans of turn based war games and stick games, lovers...

  • Play The Last Village

    The Last Village


    The Last Village is one of the most intense and...

  • Play Orbital Decay

    Orbital Decay


    Stranded in space, the Radiant Star is a ship controlled...

  • Play Snipedown



    Snipedown is a fast paced, high intensity base defense war...

  • Play Bunker - Survival

    Bunker - Survival


    Bunker - Survival is one of the most fast paced,...

  • Play Bomb the Aliens

    Bomb the Aliens


    Everyone is worried about zombies these days, but it's really...

  • Play Nob War The Elves

    Nob War The Elves


    Nob War The Elves is one of the most engrossing...

  • Play Tech Wars

    Tech Wars


    Tech Wars, as it's simply called, is a war game...

  • Play Civibattle



    Civibattle is part puzzle game, part war game, and part...

  • Play Backyard Buzzing

    Backyard Buzzing


    Backyard Buzzing is an entertaining tower defense war game with...

  • Play Endless War 4

    Endless War 4


    Endless War 4 is another great game in the excellent...

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  • Castle Commander Thumbnail

    Castle Commander is a strategy game taking place in the fictional land of Davana. The king is dead and the...

  • Build and Destroy Live Thumbnail

    Build and Destroy Live is a multiplayer war game. This strategy game features cute graphics, turn-based and real-time modes, and...

  • Paladog Thumbnail

    In the distant future, mankind's ignorance and greed were destroying the Earth, so the gods decided to wipe out humanity....

  • The Leon Wars Thumbnail

    The Leon Wars is a war game that follows the eponymous (fictional) war that began almost a century ago when...

  • Clang of Swords Thumbnail

    Clang of Swords is a straightforward medieval war game. This strategy game features cute graphics, seven types of units, and...

  • Relic of War Thumbnail

    Relic of War is a war game taking place in a late 1940s Europe where World War Two didn't end....

  • Empires of Arkeia Thumbnail

    Empires of Arkeia is a war game developed by Sam Raski. This war game is similar to Swordfall: Kingdoms, another...

  • Bomb the Aliens Thumbnail

    Everyone is worried about zombies these days, but it's really the aliens that you need to be on the lookout...

  • Reprisal Thumbnail

    Reprisal is a war game similar to the classic game, Populous, developed by Bullfrog Productions. Reprisal features isometric sprites graphics,...

  • Battle Panic Thumbnail

    Battle Panic is a defense game by Ninja Kiwi, makers of the Bloons and Bloons Tower Defense series. This war...

  • Enigmata: Stellar War Thumbnail

    Enigmata: Stellar War is a strategy and defense game that is a spinoff of the Enigmata series of shooting games....

Online War Games

Welcome to Top War Games! Experience the thrill of virtual combat with these hand-picked war games. Strategize and take action to defeat the enemy!

While not all of us want to stand in the line of fire and be to a war ravaged country to do battle, we sure want to add some spice and action to our daily lives. And who says you need to go to war to experience action?!

Nah! Not when you are at TopWarGames.com! Home to the best and top war games online, TopWarGames.com will surely add spice and action to your dry and boring days. From tower defense style war games where you need to build fortresses to stop the onslaught, against-all-odds kind of war games where you need to pull off a miracle and defeat an entire army, and those that come with A LOT of levels and difficulties, you are assured that we have it here!

So you think you are an online war veteran and can top any scoreboard? Yeah? Bring it on! Let's put your war game skills to the test with our latest and top strategy games on offer! Moreover, our global scoreboards allow you to post your scores and compare it side by side with lovers and enthusiasts of online war games from around the globe.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner and don't know where to start (I can't blame you as ALL of our games are just great!), NO PROBLEM! The best way to start is to check out the TopWarGames.com Top 10 list. Only the best of the best war games make it to the top 10 list. Each and every game in our top 10 list guarantees you hours of shooting and explosive fun!

Check out what's inside TopWarGames.com...

More Levels And Different Modes

If that's your thing, if slugging it out for hours is your cup of tea, then you better check out Plazma Burst: Forward To The Past. This game is the top war game of the month and it's NOT surprising why. Coming with 16 different levels and 3 difficulties, this game will keep you on the edge of your seats for hours. With an interesting story and background, Plazma Burst: Forward To The Past is, without a doubt, one of the MOST absorbing, action packed, and fun filled top war games out there!

War Games Tower Defense Style

Combining the addictive game play of tower defense with the explosiveness of battle games - this is Warzone Tower Defense! Just as its name suggests, this is a tower defense game with 6 maps (12 when you count ground only versions). In every map, you will encounter unique challenges, advantages, setbacks, etc. Solve the setbacks on the fly and build enough towers to keep the enemies off - are you up to the task?

Against All Odds

Love the feeling of the going against all odds and running a one-man army to take out a whole nation? Yeah? Then Art Of War 2 is for you! Nah, it's NOT based on some ancient Chinese book. Here, you are a dedicated Russian soldier who's fighting to reclaim the Stalingrad - but with Nazi soldiers, gunners, tanks, etc. along the way, will you make it?

And those are just some of the army games online you can play today! Reading isn't that fun, so why are you still reading?! Get the action started and play at TopWarGames.com NOW!