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1066 Instructions

A flash based and online war game filled with mini-games, the controls of 1066 vary depending on the situation. To taunt an enemy, you need to type the phrase that appears on the screen as fast as you can. For direct attacks, on the other hand, you need to hit the arrow keys as they appear. To charge against someone, pressing or tapping the Space Bar is needed to build up enough power for impact. Along with that, you also have to select the angle and strength of your shots if you want to use your archers effectively. If you think the controls are hard, just imagine how the Vikings have to duke it out in the war zone, and how HARD it is without the keyboard!

1066 Walkthrough

Year 1066 - a year when men are men enough and soldiers are not afraid to stick their swords and spears into anything that moves. This is a war game that takes you to those good, old, and VERY bloody times. And before you dismiss it as one of those average war games, think again. This game showcases a surprisingly deep strategic game using medieval warfare tactics and techniques. Showcasing top of the line production values and battles that are EXTREMELY hard to win, 1066 has the power to absorb any war games enthusiast into its world. Anyway, enough talk. You still have a war to win!

The battle plays out on a large grid. You need to click your troops to select and rally them... moving from one square to another. Here are some guidelines about the battlefield: If an area is green, that means you can reach it. On the other hand, if an enemy troop is in the way as you move, you will automatically engage it. Just like in real life war (at least back in the medieval ages), your troops' formation could mean the difference between getting ripped to shreds or coming out with a resounding victory. A sample formation is the Shield Barrier Formation. This is done by placing 3 units in a row from the very first row down to the last one. As the formation's name suggests, this GREATLY boosts your defense.

Whenever you engage an enemy army, you need to play a mini game, which will determine how effective or useless your attack will be. This is where the taunts, direct attacks, and charges come in. Sounds complicated? Well, to be honest, I first I thought so. BUT really, it's NOT as mind boggling and twisting as it sounds. Rather than reading, I highly recommend that you throw yourself in the battle and get your hands dirty (or bloodied rather). That's way more effective than reading for an hour. The goal here is very straightforward: win the battle by doing either of the 2 methods - (1) Kill all of the enemies, and (2) Lower their morale with successful attacks and taunts, which will ultimately cause them to flee with their tails in the middle of their legs.

Stylish and well groomed - this is another strong point of the game. Not to mention that the style doesn't get in the way of the game, which is kind of rare for a browser based game! The visuals, sound track, voice overs, and everything are done splendidly. The only downside of this is that, if your computer is a 'dinosaur', the game will NOT run as smoothly as you want. Are you a HUGE lover of those clanking and gritty sounds that swords and spears make when they are unsheathed and when they clash? Yeah? You are in for a treat: this game has A LOT of it. And I mean A LOT!

You can do A LOT of trial and error in this game especially when you are just starting out. HOWEVER, keep in mind that trial and error means seeing the English army rejoicing and toasting with each other over your shredded body. I have to tip my hats off to this game's strategy department. Yes, you cannot just blunder away, charge into battle without any plan. That's a surefire way to get a brand spanking new set of English spearholes and swords slashes. A new battle presents a new challenge, and just like in chess, you really need to think about your move and the opponent's plans.

If your definition of casual gaming means going back to a lighthearted flash game when you have a couple of minutes, leave it, rinse and repeat, then you might be intimidated by the lengthy battles of 1066 along with its learning curve. BUT if you are someone who loves to let things sink in and take his time to pick up the moves, this is one of those war games that can be very rewarding!