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3D Micro Wars Instructions

Point your mouse in the direction you want to go, as your ship will move on its own. Hit the spacebar to stop moving, and shoot with the left mouse button. Every so often you'll level up, and you'll be able to choose between special attacks (the A-F keys) or upgrades (the Z-B keys). Destroying enemies in succession will net you more points and you'll level up faster - so go for huge combos!

3D Micro Wars Walkthrough

3D Micro Wars is an awesome war game, plain and simple. You'll be launched into a foray of enemy aircraft right from the get go, and you'll have to shoot your way out of a few hairy situations. The entire game map, itself, isn't very large - you'll be able to fly across it relatively quickly. At the start of the game, there aren't many enemies to destroy - so you'll have to fly around quite a bit and find them.

As you level up, the first thing you should upgrade is your speed. Not only will you be able to track down enemies faster, but you'll be able to evade them quicker as well - it's the most useful upgrade. Next, feel free to upgrade the spread of your gun - it'll make the game much easier, since all you'll have to do is click rapidly and erratically to eliminate anything remotely near you. Once you've gotten a decent amount of upgrades, you'll be able to take out a huge amount of enemies and keep a pretty huge combo.

Once you've finally cleared the screen of enemies, you'll move onto the next level - and you'll run into new, stronger enemies. This war game seems to be never ending, but once you've gotten all of the possible upgrades, you'll be able to use special attacks exclusively, and at that point, the amount of firepower you have at your disposal is ridiculous. Overall, 3D Micro Wars is a fun war game for anyone who likes to destroy, score combos, and fire ridiculous amounts of missiles.