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Age of War Instructions

Train and deploy trips by clicking the appropriate icon with the left mouse button. Build turrets by clicking the appropriate icon with the left mouse button and place it in one of the turret spots by clicking with the left mouse button again. Scroll the screen by moving your mouse to the right or left corners of the screen.

Age of War Walkthrough

Age of War is an addictive and engrossing war game that challenges you to protect your base from attacking enemy forces through five ages. While that basic premise if fairly common in the world of online war games, there are a few differences that really set this one apart from the competition. Probably the biggest difference between this game and most of the other war games online is the fact that you have to gain experience points to move on to the next age instead of being required to take out a set number of enemy troops, kill all the enemy troops or survive for a certain amount of time. This game is also different in that you don't just gain experience points for taking out enemies but also receive experience points when your own troops are killed. While keeping your troops alive is obviously important, the fact that losing them will give you experience allows you to focus on what's really important - defending your castle.

Moving to a new age in Age of War is the only way to repair some of the damage inflicted on your castle. It happens automatically so there's no need to purchase any health upgrades or repair upgrades. It's important to remember that your castles health isn't restored in its entirety though. You need to build up your defenses. Although offense is important in the game, without a strong line of defense against the enemies attacking you your game will come to a quick end. Advancing to the next age gives you an important boost in the health of your castle, but if your castle is badly damaged, that boost won't do much to help you. You will, however, gain access to a new special ability each time you progress to a new age. The special ability can help you defend your castle, but don't rely on it too heavily. Each time you use it, you'll have to wait for it to recharge before you're able to use it again.

The game screen in Age of War isn't really all that hard to understand, but knowing where to find everything you need to train and release the troops you need when you need them is vital for doing well in this game. First, at the top left side of the screen, you have your funds and experience points. At the top right you have your basic game control menu. You'll use this menu to release troops into battle and to build or sell turrets. Click on the first icon in the menu (the person icon) to open the menu that shows you what you have in the way of troop options. The first type of unit you see is generally the weakest but is also the least expensive. As you move to the right, the troops get stronger and more expensive. It's important not to ignore turrets. Turrets are one of the greatest defense options you have in the game. Without turrets, you likely won't survive long. You start with one turret spot on your castle. Click the turret icon (to the immediate right of the train troops icon) to choose the turret you want to place in that one spot. In the beginning, you'll likely only need one turret to adequately defend your castle. As you progress though, you'll need more. You can add another turret spot by clicking the add a turret spot icon (the basic turret icon with a plus sign on it). If you need more funds, you can sell older, less effective turrets (the basic turret icon with the dollar sign). As you advance to a new age, you will have new options under troops and turrets. Make sure you check out those new options. Your enemy will be using more advanced troops as they reach new ages and will be equipping their castles with more advanced turrets. Make sure you are as well. To find out how much money you need for a turret or a unit, hover your mouse over the icon for that item. The price of the item will show in the top center of the screen.

Training units in Age of War takes time. How much time depends on the unit. In general, more advanced units like war machines (available in the last age) take the longest to produce, but they're also among the most effective units in the game, second only to 'super soldiers'. Try to plan your defensive line around how long it takes each unit to be trained and released. Send out a few fast troops first and then begin training the ones that take a bit longer. This ensures you'll have troops on the ground for battle enemy forces even while you're waiting for your more advanced units to be released. You need to plan out your attacks and ensure you not only have a strong defense but a strong offense as well. In order to beat the game, you need to destroy your enemy's castle so you need to have a strong offense. A strong defense will help you protect your castle, but a strong offense will help you take out your enemy's castle. Without it, your game will just continue on and on. While the game is a lot of fun, it can get a bit stale after a while. Take out your enemy's castle as fast as you can to enjoy the game to its fullest.

The final icon (the star icon) on the controls menu in Age of War is the evolve icon. You can click this icon to advance to the next age when you've collected enough experience points. This is yet another feature of this game that separates it from most of the other war games online. You do not advance to the next age automatically. You have to click the star icon to evolve. Hovering your mouse over the icon will allow you to see how many experience points you need to get to that next level. Make sure you keep that in mind and keep an eye on your experience as it builds. You want to evolve faster than your enemy. This gives you a significant tactical advantage. If they are releasing advanced soldiers and you still haven't evolved, you could find yourself in real trouble. Alternatively, if you begin releasing advanced soldiers before your enemy, you have the advantage. You'll be able to take their soldiers out much more quickly and, in most cases, will even be able to deliver damage to their castle.

The best way to do well in Age of War is to pay attention to what's happening on the screen and using all of the tools at your disposal to their fullest potential. Try to avoid using your special abilities unless you are completely overwhelmed and have little hope of winning the battle. Because it takes so long for that ability to charge, you want to make sure you use it when it's most useful. You don't want to use it one moment and find yourself in dire need the next moment. It's also important to analyze your enemy's defensive line. Look at the type of soldiers they're releasing. If you're being attacked by enemies you haven't unlocked, check to see if you have enough experience to evolve. Even if you aren't always ahead of your enemy, you at least need to try to keep up with them. Finally, use turrets. Start with a few inexpensive basic turrets and sell them as you progress and need more advanced weaponry. Turrets can definitely thin out the enemy army.

Overall, Age of War is an entertaining war game that will keep you playing game after game. It is different enough from most of the other tower defense war games to feel fresh and new without being so different it no longer feels like part of the same genre. Fans of war games are going to love this one simply because it's challenging but not impossible. It can also be fairly short if you plan your defense and offense well, so it isn't a game you really need a lot of time to play. This one is great to kill a little time with. Newcomers to tower defense war games are probably going to have a hard time with this one, but as long as you pay attention to what you're doing and take the time to find a good strategy, even newcomers can beat it. More experienced tower defense war game players, on the other hand, are probably going to find this one a bit on the easy side but will enjoy playing all the same. If you're a far of tower defense games, war games or just games that require you to plan and really use your brain, this is a game you simply can't miss.