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Train and deploy units, buy, place and sell turrets, use specials and purchase upgrades using the left mouse button. Scroll the screen by moving your mouse to the right or left sides of the game screen.

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Building upon the strong foundation put in place by its predecessor, Age of War 2 is one of the most addictive and engrossing tower defense war games online. This one offers several improvements over the previous game, but doesn't lose the feel of the original and doesn't leave behind what made the first so special. The great thing about this game is that it is able to stand on its own, unlike many of the other sequels online. You don't have to play the first game to enjoy this one, although it's certainly worthwhile to give the first one a shot. This one is a little bit more difficult than the original so if you're new to the tower defense war game genre, the first game in this series can give you a good base of knowledge so you have an idea of what the game will ask of you. More experienced players, on the other hand, should have no problem jumping right into this one. There is no continuing story, so you don't have to worry about missing anything if you skip the first game, but again, it is fun, so you might want to give it a shot anyway.

The basic premise behind Age of War 2 is more or less the same as the premise behind the original game. You are charged with defending your castle against the waves of enemies attacking it. You'll be able to train troops and build turrets to build not only a strong defense line to keep your castle safe but also a strong offensive line to try to take out your enemy's castle. You will not win the game until your enemy's castle is destroyed. As in the original, finding a good balance between offense and defense is vital. You will not succeed in this game unless you do. It isn't as hard as it sounds as long as you put a little thought into your strategy. The great thing about this game is that you have more than enough tools at your disposal to form a good strategy if you use those tools to their full potential.

Age of War 2 has made several improvements over the first game in the series making this one even more entertaining and even more addictive. The change that is most clearly evident to anyone who has played the first game is the improvement in the quality of the graphics. The graphics in this one are fairly impressive not only when compared with the first game in the series but also when compared with the graphics in most of the other tower defense war games online. The control panel in this game is also more clearly laid out and a little less complicated to use. There are four categories on the control panel; Units, Turrets, Specials and Upgrades. The fact that all of the options in each of those categories is laid out on the main screen is a significant improvement over the previous game where everything was hidden behind icons you needed to click on. This makes it easier to access the options you need when you need them.

The units section of the control panel in Age of War 2 shows you the options you have for creating your soldiers. Like the first game, you need to evolve using experience points you collect as you play. As you evolve, you will unlock new types of units to use during battle. Hovering your mouse over a unit icon on the control panel will give you the basic information you need to know about that unit including how much damage it is able to deliver and the cost of producing that unit. The unit icons are shown in order of weakest to strongest (from left to right). The stronger the unit, the more expensive it will be. In the beginning, it's a good idea to use a mix of the different options you have. Send out a few weaker units first followed by one or two of the stronger units. Try to leave yourself with enough money (shown at the bottom of the screen) to buy one or two of the most expensive units. Send those expensive units last. They'll be able to clean up any enemies the weaker units weren't able to. Remember to watch your experience to see when you're able to evolve and unlock newer, stronger units. You need to at least keep up with your enemies. You do not automatically evolve. If you see that your enemy is attacking with more advanced troops than you are, check you experience to see if you have enough to evolve. Waiting to evolve will only put you further behind in the game. You need to at least be able to match your enemy strength wise and the only way to do that is to use the units that are at least as advanced as their if not more.

Sometimes you'll notice one of the unit options in the units section is locked. This means you likely need to purchase an upgrade. Upgrades are new to Age of War 2 and they're an excellent addition. That was really the biggest feature missing from the original game. As with most of the other tower defense war games online, upgrades are absolutely vital in this game and not just for unlocking locked units. Upgrades can increase the strength of your attack and the strength of your defense. The upgrade options are shown on the top right corner of the screen and you get the information you need about them the same way you would get the information you need about your units. Hover your mouse over the upgrade to determine how much it will cost and how useful it will be to you. Don't waste money on upgrades that won't offer you much benefit. That gold will be much better spend of soldier units and turrets. What upgrades you need will really depend on your strengths and weaknesses as a player. Choose upgrades that will help strengthen the weak areas in your game strategy. If you're looking at a soldier unit you'd like to use but it is locked, hover your mouse over it. Look for what upgrade you need to purchase to unlock it and, if you have enough money, purchase that upgrade. One important note, though - take the cost of the upgrade into consideration as well as the cost of the unit. If purchase the upgrade takes all of your money, you won't have enough money left to train the unit which is clearly not a good thing. Instead of spending all of your money on the upgrade, send out some of the units that are already unlocked and use them to build up your money supply. Try not to purchase the upgrade until you have enough money for the upgrade and at least two of the units. Even if you decide you only want to train one unit, you'll have the money for the second unit left to either train different troops or to buy turrets.

Turrets are an important part of any defensive strategy in Age of War 2, as they are with most of the tower defense war games online. In order to use turrets effectively, you really need to read the descriptions carefully. Some of the towers fire more rapidly but deliver more damage. Choose the turret that fires more quickly. Despite the reduction in damage (which can be increased with upgrades), the speed will allow it to be a more effective overall weapon. You can also purchase a new spot on your castle for another turret (click the green button in the 'turrets' section to the immediate right of the 'units' section') so you can add more turrets. Consider adding a rapid fire turret first and then adding a big damage turret. If you find that isn't enough, you can add another rapid fire one. In addition, you can also sell turrets (Click the icon to the immediate right of the 'add turret' icon in the 'turret' section) so you can add more advanced turrets as you evolve. Adding the new turrets you unlock after evolving is important. They're often far more advanced than the ones you had previously. If you aren't sure which to delete and have room to add another turret tower, add one of the new turrets and try it out. Remember, you can always sell it. As important as turrets are to your defense, though, make sure you remember your soldier units. You need those to take out your enemy's castle and win the game even if the turrets more or less take care of your attackers.

Specials are a bit different in Age of War 2. In the first game, specials simply launched a special attack. In this game though you'll be using a special to evolve as well as to perform a special attack. Both of these things are different in this incarnation of the game. While in the first game you could perform a special attack any time it was charged, you will have to use experience points to perform a special attack in this game. The points you use will be subtracted from your overall experience points. You don't need to wait for the special attack to recharge before you use it again, but you will have to wait until you have the amount of experience points needed to perform it. Evolving is different in one key way. The amount of points required to evolve will be subtracted from your overall experience point total the same way they would be subtracted for using special attacks. For that reason, it's a good idea to avoid using your special attack. It can be very beneficial as it delivers a fair bit of damage to multiple enemies at once but you need to make sure you don't cost yourself the ability to evolve.

Overall, Age of War 2 is a complicated yet entertaining tower defense war game that will hold your attention from the very beginning of the game to the very end. The ability to control the speed of the game (using the controls at the bottom left side of the screen) keeps the game a little more entertaining as you don't have to wait for battles to end. Newcomers to tower defense war games are going to have a hard time with this one, even on the easiest setting, but will be able to get the hang of it if they're willing to put a little time and effort into developing a good battle strategy. More experience players are going to find this one fairly challenging but with multiple levels of difficulty, they'll be able to find a setting that allows them to get the level of challenge they're looking for. The only way to do well in this game is to take advantage of all the tools you're given and pay attention to what's going on. Know what your enemies are attacking with and make sure you respond in kind. You need to find the balance between offense and defense and make sure you aren't just focusing on defending your castle but are also focusing on destroying your enemy's castle. If you are looking for a game that offers a decent challenge and offers a little more than most of the other tower defense war games online, this is definitely the game for you.