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There's nothing complicated about the control scheme of Ageless War. As long as your mouse is working, you are good to go: a couple of clicks to get the game started; more clicks to breeze through the tutorials; a couple of more clicks to build buildings and upgrade them... basically, you will click your way through the game. Without further adieu, let's have a closer look at this war game!

Ageless War Walkthrough

While most us want the detailed and ultra realistic graphics seen in modern games like Final Fantasy, Max Payne, etc., many of us still have that old school gamer in us... the one that goes giddy like a school girl when playing retro-style pixel graphics games. And if you like games with that old-school style and you dig war games, then you are in for a treat - Ageless War is yours for the taking! This new strategy / war game comes at you with the old-school pixel graphics delivered to you with a fast paced game play that will make you jump out of your seats!

As the title suggests, Ageless War is all about, well... waging war! You need to go up against soldiers from different times and eras as you build your city. And trust me; these guys won't go easy on you. You need to make sure you have the RIGHT weapons to deal with these trouble makers; armor to make sure you take minimum damage; and have powerful spells under your sleeve that will devastate and decimate the enemy's ranks in a moment's notice. You have to create buildings that will train your army - beef them up with whatever you got and get them ready to destroy the enemy's base. The buildings are also upgradable - allowing you to create equipment and technology that will wipe out intruders from the face of the earth.

Showcasing over 25 different buildings that comes with 3 upgrades each (for a total of 75+ buildings); hundreds of weapons and armor that you can mix and match, and more, you can expect your online gaming session with this war game to be really action packed! To make things even better, this game saves your unlocks! When you return to play the game and for more action, you will find all of the weapons, achievements, etc. that you have unlocked still in place... waiting to be dusted off and brought to battle again!

Now there are players out there that are whining about the Survival Mode being too hard. Heck! That's EXACTLY the point! Survival Mode is about making it as hard as possible for you to survive. Nah, not just hard BUT nearly impossible. I once played the Survival Mode for more than 30 minutes and I found myself stalemated with the ninjas after landing the second nuke or so. My advice is to build some towers (my personal preference is the Blast Trooper), upgrade their range and damage, and just use the laser every once in a while. Trust me, they will never get past your first tower. I could even play another game while letting my Blast Troopers do the dirty work.

That said, HOWEVER, there are balance issues that need some improvement and fixing to take the FUN level up a notch or two. For one thing, the helicopter and para-trooper combo is just overpowered. It's easy to wipe out any group especially those factions and troops that are melee-focused... and you get to wipe them out without breaking a sweat. All you need to do is start the stage with a helicopter and keep on dropping paratroopers right on their base - death from ABOVE!

Then there's the flip side of the coin - spells that are just...well, useless! If you have used Arrows and Small Stampede, then you know what I am talking about. YES, they cost way less than other spells in the game. BUT that's nothing when you see just how cheap and useless these spells / skills are. To make things even worse, there's no relationship between the spells' power and their cost. If you would ask me, the best skill / spell in the game is the Laser. It allows you to demolish and kill pretty much anyone on the map... those who are NOT yet in your base to be specific. The Dragon Skill, on the other hand, costs way more BUT does really little damage when you compare it to the Laser.

The developer has to work on the balance a bit. There are many ways to do this: make the spells upgradable; add a cool down for each and every spell, etc. It would also be great if players can use combos - like laser PLUS stampede for maximum devastation. Also, some may end up having too much money with nothing to spend on once they run out of room. I know because I have... many times!

Aside from the balance issues that need to be fixed, I can't find anything bad or nasty about Ageless War that's worth bringing up. It's a fun war game to play - it's action packed; comes with a lot of buildings, spells, etc.; and last BUT not least, it's retro pixel-styled! Give Ageless War a shot and see what I'm talking about.