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Airborne Wars Instructions

Airborne Wars is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag from one of your bases to enemy bases to attack them, or to your bases to reinforce them.

Airborne Wars Walkthrough

Airborne Wars is a real-time strategy game similar to Phage Wars, but instead of waging war amongst blood cells, you must command armies of infantry to conquer enemy strongholds! This war game features simple mouse controls, challenging gameplay, and twenty battlefields to dominate!

The objective of Airborne Wars is to capture all enemy structures on each map. To accomplish this goal, click and drag from one of your occupied structures to an enemy structure to send troops. If your troops encounter enemies along the way, they will automatically exchange fire. If you manage to overwhelm your enemy's defenses, then you will win the level and unlock the next, but if your enemies overwhelm your positions, you will have to retry the level until you beat it. You do not have to conquer all twenty battlefields in one session since your progress is automatically saved, allowing you to continue your campaign the next time that you play.

There are four types of structures in Airborne Wars: barracks, airports, bunkers, and air defences (yes, that is the correct spelling in British English). Barracks and airports generate troops for their owners. Troops sent forth from barracks will march on foot towards their objectives, while troops deployed from airports will drop top their targets via parachute. Bunkers and air defences do not generate troops, but if they are captured and manned by your forces, they can make life hectic for enemy infantry and aircraft respectively. For this reason, it is advisable to capture defensive structures as quickly as possible in this war game.

Attrition is the name of the game in Airborne Wars. Try to capture as many troop-generating structures as possible at the beginning of each battle to build superior numbers. If you can, you should also capture defensive structures before your enemies can. A manned bunker or air defense can make your troops up to five times more effective against enemies. You may not be able to capture all neutral structures at the beginning of a level in this strategy game, but it spells catastrophe to allow your enemies to take them all!

Airborne Wars is a war game that strategy veterans and casual gamers alike will enjoy. If you like gameplay along the lines of Phage Wars, then you will certainly want to play Airborne Wars!