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Alexander: Dawn of an Empire Instructions

Alexander: Dawn of an Empire is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to order units into battle.

Alexander: Dawn of an Empire Walkthrough

Alexander: Dawn of an Empire is a war game that allows you to recreate the conquests of the famed Macedonian general, Alexander the Great. This strategy game features excellent graphics, simple controls, and three difficulty levels.

The objective of Alexander: Dawn of an Empire is to destroy all enemy units or to crush the enemy's morale in each battle. You must also prevent the enemy from doing these things to you! Winning battles captures territories. This war game has three difficulty levels: King, Emperor, and Son of Zeus. If this is your first time playing or you want an easier gameplay experience, then I advise you to play on the King difficulty level. Your progress is automatically saved at the end of each turn, so you can continue your conquests the next time that you play.

Alexander: Dawn of an Empire uses the mouse as its control device. To deploy units, click on the unit icon in the upper-left corner of the screen, then click on the lane that you wish to deploy the unit in. Units will automatically move forward and fight enemies; the only control that you have over the battle is the type of units that is deployed and when and where it is deployed. Deploying units takes command points which slowly regenerate over time. If you have a much larger pool of command points than your enemy, then you can blitz your enemies with cavalry, but if you have a relatively equal or smaller pool (which you will for most battles in this war game), then a good blend of units sent strategically to kill your enemies is best.

Between battles in Alexander: Dawn of an Empire, you can recruit more soldiers and purchase upgrades for your armies. You should always replace units that are lost in battle, and it is a good idea to use extra money to buy more infantry units. I advise you to upgrade the Leadership ability first since it will increase the regeneration of command points, thus increasing the number of soldiers that you can field at once. The Logistics skill is also useful in this war game since it increases the chances of lost units recovering from their injuries, potentially saving precious money!

Do you think that you have what it takes to conquer the known world (at the time of Alexander the Great, that is)? If so, then see if you can live up to the legendary King of Macedon in this thrilling war game, Alexander: Dawn of an Empire!