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Alexander the Great Instructions

Alexander the Great is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Interact with the game's interface and issue orders by using the mouse. Use the arrow keys to scroll the map.

Alexander the Great Walkthrough

Alexander the Great is a war game that recreates the conquests of Alexander III of Macedon. Alexander the Great features a slew of enemies to conquer, ten types of units to dominate the battlefield with, and epic music.

The objective of Alexander the Great is to conquer all of your enemies. Like Alexander, you begin with control of Macedon and must spread your empire with sword and spear. There are five difficulty levels in this war game; if this is your first time playing, then I advise you to play on the Beginner level of difficulty to get used to the gameplay mechanics and controls. You can save your game by selecting the option to do so on the map screen. To continue a saved conquest, choose the "Load Game" option in the lower-right corner of the screen after clicking "Play Game" on the main menu.

The mouse is used as the primary control device in Alexander the Great. On the map screen, click on territories adjacent to your empire to select them. Click the "Fight" button to enter combat. On the battlefield, click on the unit icons in the upper-left corner of the screen and drag then onto the battlefield. When you are satisfied with the formation of your units, click the "Fight" button and let the combat commence!

Before each battle in this war game, it is a good idea to scroll the map. You can click and drag the slider near the bottom of the screen or use the arrow keys to do so. Check the enemy's formation before placing your units. If your enemy has missile units deployed, use cavalry to counter them. If your enemy has cavalry deployed, use spears to counter them. Heavy infantry is matched with heavy infantry, but you may want to supplement your force with missile units or cavalry to get the upper-hand.

Alexander the Great is a war game that lets players relive or remake ancient history. Take up your sword, string your bow, and conquer the battlefield in this exciting strategy game!