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Alias Instructions

Alias is controlled by using the keyboard and mouse. The A and D keys move your character left and right respectively. The W key jumps, and the D key is used to roll. The mouse is used to aim and shoot.

Alias Walkthrough

Alias is a two-dimensional shooting game with platforming game elements. This game is the first game of the Alias series and sets the precedent for subsequent games in the series.

The objective of Alias is to pass through each level and to destroy the boss at each level's end. Before you reach the boss, you must deal with a variety of enemies, tricks, and traps. Luckily for you, the game features powerups that will replenish lost health, as well as powerups that will increase the firing rate of your weapon. This shooting game does not feature a multitude of weapons, but having an increased firing rate will allow you to shred through your enemies with ease!

Alias features a multitude of dangerous enemies that can cause you immense pain. Defeating some of these enemies will be a real challenge, but if you are nimble enough, you can get the upper hand. Sometimes, you will have to jump over enemies, while in other cases, you may want to roll under their attacks. In order to roll, hold down the S key as you press the A or D key to roll left or right respectively. Rolling at the right time can help you to dodge incoming attacks, but be sure not to roll into other traps.

It should also be noted that this shooting game has a bit of physics to deal with. Of course, there is the force of gravity, but you must also keep in mind that your gun's recoil will propel you a bit in the opposite direction. This may be useful for dodging enemy attacks, or prolonging or shortening jumps. Sadly, these physics do not apply to enemies. Your adversaries cannot be shot off of platforms or into traps.

Alias is well-made shooting game with high entertainment value. Play the game that started the renowned platform game series, and try Alias today!