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A.R.C.S. Instructions

A.R.C.S. Is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to aim and to shoot. Cycle through weapons by using the left and right arrow keys (or the A and D keys). Alternatively, you may use the number keys to select weapons directly. The up arrow key, R key, or W key may be used to reload your weapon. The P key pauses the game.

A.R.C.S. Walkthrough

A.R.C.S. Is a science fiction themed shooting game. This war game features sprite graphics, simple controls, and three levels of difficulty.

The storyline of A.R.C.S. takes place during a war in space between humans, mutants, aliens, and other factions; it's all explained in the cutscenes (which you will probably skip since you came here for actions, right?). Essentially, A.R.C.S. is a defense game since the objective is to use your combat mech as a stationary turret to defeat enemies. Why you don't just take the mech out of the base and stomp on the enemies is a mystery, but your ranged weapons still pack a wallop. When all enemies are destroyed, you will advance to the next level. Your progress is automatically saved in this war game, so you can restore your previous game the next time that you play.

A.R.C.S. uses a combination of mouse and keyboard controls. Point and click using the mouse to shoot. The left and right arrow keys are used to cycle through weapons and the number keys select weapons directly. Your weapons automatically reload when empty (or after a multi-kill) in this war game, but you may manually reload by pressing the up arrow key or the R key. The corresponding WASD key may be used as an alternative to an arrow key control.

After each mission of this defense game, you will have the chance to purchase weapons, upgrades, and repairs in the shop. It is advisable to fully repair your base before each mission. Additional weapons are not necessary at the beginning of this shooting game, but they become useful later. As is often the case, the shotgun is a great investment and will be a reliable weapon throughout the course of the game.

A.R.C.S. is not the most unique war game on the Web, but it is well-designed and fun to play. If you are a fan of shooting games or defense games, then give A.R.C.S. a try; you won't be disappointed!