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Armor Wars Instructions

Point and click with your mouse to play cards, attack other cards, or damage your opponent directly. Each turn you'll produce an allotted amount of resources and draw a card - you'll be able to play as many cards as you want, that is, if you have enough resources to fund them. Once you've played your cards, you'll attack; dealing direct damage to an opponent is the only way to win a match. In between rounds, you'll be able to purchase new cards and heroes in the shop.

Armor Wars Walkthrough

Armor Wars is a card-based war game where you'll have to destroy, annihilate and eradicate any opponent that stands in your way. The card game itself is heavily reliant on resources - whoever has the most resources will be able to perform the most actions; they're quite important. Besides using the preset decks the game starts you out with, you'll also be able to build your own decks; a great feature when you want to play online and battle other players.

There's an in game tutorial that explains the card game quite well if you can't seem to grasp it, but it's only important to remember a few things. Firstly, the hero you're using is vital - they give bonus effects that you can't win without. Depending on what hero you use, you may win or lose, so choose carefully. Next, always make sure that you have as many creatures in play as possible - it'll prevent damage to your castle.

Once you pick up the basic rules of the game, and know when to play certain cards, you'll be leveling up in no time - or beating other online players, if you go with multiplayer mode. After leveling up so much, you'll be able to purchase stronger cards, making this one war game you'll have to play more than once.