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Art of War 2 Instructions

Use the arrow keys to move your office, your mouse to select and call reinforcements, and the A key to shoot; the S key will let you throw grenades. Don't let any Nazis get past you in this war game - surviving every wave will lead you to your ultimate goal - reclaiming the city of Stalingrad. When you run out of ammo, stand next to the ammo crate to load up on grenades and bullets.

Art of War 2 Walkthrough

In Art of War 2, you're a dedicated Russian soldier desperately trying to reclaim the city of Stalingrad - to do so, you'll have to destroy a ton of Nazi soldiers, ranging from machine gunners to tanks. Besides having fun while doing so, you'll be able to call in back up officers, mortar squads, and infantry help you complete your task. Rounds are fast paced - and once they're completed, you'll see what medals you've earned depending on how well you fought.

It's almost too easy to run out of ammo in this war game - and it'll take any player by surprise when you start playing. To fix this, at the very beginning of a level, make sure you stand next to the ammo crate for a period of time. You'll have enough ammo for the rest of the level, as long as you don't die, and you won't have to worry about running back and forth from crate to the frontlines.

Next, it's important to keep in mind that tanks can only be destroyed by a well-placed grenade or mortar squad. Don't try firing your gun at them, and whenever you receive a radio call exclaiming "incoming!" it's important that you look out for any shadows near you - they're incoming mortar shells.

As long as you have enough ammo, stay out of the line of enemy fire, and call in reinforcements when you need them, you just might beat this war game. The difficulty increases as the rounds go on, and playing conservatively will get you nowhere - so go out on a limb every once and while. Art of War 2 is a dynamic WWII game, and it's a war game that any avid flash gamer will enjoy.