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Assault Fleet Instructions

Assault Fleet is controlled by using the mouse. Click on a unit icon to place units of that type. Click on the blue ring around a planet to place units of the selected type.

Assault Fleet Walkthrough

Assault Fleet is a real time strategy game taking place in outer space. Assault Fleet features simple, yet appealing graphics, great audio, simple controls, and a variety of units to unlock.

The objective of Assault Fleet is to destroy enemy fleets and planets without running out of resources. Victory is won when all enemy units are destroyed along with their planet. If your fleet is completely destroyed and you do not have enough resources to buy more units, then you will be defeated. Unfortunately, this war game does not have a save feature, so you will have to start from the first stage if you are defeated.

Unlike other RTS games, units are not controlled directly in Assault Fleet. As the commander, you only decide which types of units to build and where to place them. The AI will automatically carry out the battle. If you want to launch an attack on a specific area, place your units near the area that you wish to attack. I advise attacking enemy formations with heavier units first, then mopping up with lighter units.

There are two ways to acquire resources in Assault Fleet: destroying enemies and mining asteroids. If you choose the latter method, be sure to keep your miners protected from enemy forces since they are extremely vulnerable! Excess resources from the previous battle are carried over in this war game, so try to complete each mission by building only the necessary amount of units for the job.

Between missions, you are given a chance to research new units. It is a good idea to research tanks as soon as possible since these units will be able to hold their ground in combat much longer than scouts can. It is also a good idea to research drills since they can help you to find resources, the lifeblood of this war game. Finally, I advise you to unlock the miner's healing ability to keep your forces combat effective and in the fight longer.

Assault Fleet is an addictive strategy game, but unfortunately, your progress cannot be saved. If you have time to spare and a desire for galactic conquest, then Assault Fleet is just the war game for you!