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Avatar Fortress Fight Instructions

Avatar Fortress Fight is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to select your shot and angle. Hold down the mouse button to power your shot, and release the mouse button to fire.

Avatar Fortress Fight Walkthrough

Avatar Fortress Fight is a war game based on the popular cartoon series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. This war game features a one-player mode, where you battle against the computer, a hot seat two-player mode, allowing you to challenge a friend, and even an e-mail battle mode.

The objective of Avatar Fortress Fight is to destroy the enemy fortress before your opponents destroys yours. To do this, you must use your catapult to knock down the enemy's fort. You may employ three different shots to complete this goal: the small shot, which is the most accurate but deals the least damage, the medium shot, which spreads out over a large area like a cluster bomb, and the large shot, which is the least accurate but deals the most damage. Be advised that you cannot use the same shot type twice in a row!

When you begin Avatar Fortress Fight, you are given the chance to chose your element. Your element has no effect on the actual gameplay, but determines the aesthetics of your fortress and weapons, as well as your avatar (no pun intended). Once you are in the game, you have the option to click the button labeled "Look" in order to pan out and get a view of the entire battlefield. I would use this button at least once to get an idea of distance between your fortress and the enemy fortress.

Repetition is the way to win Avatar Fortress Fight. The forts are not mobile, so once you hit your enemy's fortress with a type of shot, you can continuously hit your enemy if you remember the angle and shot power that you used. To make things bit more interesting, this war game also features powerups that will repair your fortress or increase the damage that is dealt to the enemy if your shot passes through them. Hitting these powerups are not necessary to win this war game, however.

Avatar Fortress Fight is a simple war game with a high entertainment value. Fans of Avatar: the Last Airbender will be happy to play a game featuring some of their favorite characters, while fans of catapult games will enjoy battering down enemy fortresses!