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Backyard Buzzing Instructions

Click and drag with the mouse and the left mouse button to select players. Click the enemy you want your players to attack with the left mouse button. Select all of your units on the screen by holding down the 'ctrl' button and pressing 'a'. Scroll left using 'a'. Scroll right using 'd'. Scroll up using 'w'. Scroll down using 's' or scroll by moving your mouse to the edge of the game screen. View the map by pressing 'space'. Pause the game by pressing 'p'.

Backyard Buzzing Walkthrough

Backyard Buzzing is an entertaining tower defense war game with fun graphics and an interesting premise that offers a great alternative to the more traditional tower defense games online. It follows the same basic controls and the same basic rules as most other games in the genre, but with this game, the fun is all in how it's presented. There are more difficult war games online but few that offer a story this fun. The graphics aren't so over-the-top that the game lags or doesn't run smoothly so even those with a less than stellar computer can play without problem, but they are detailed enough that the game is bright and entertaining. This game is so endearing because it really chooses to do things a little bit differently while still offering the same level of difficulty and the same controls that make normal tower defense war games so appealing.

In Backyard Buzzing, your goal is to rule the backyard. You have several different 'basements' to choose from, each of which unleashes a different insect upon the invading enemy insects. This is really no different than any other tower defense war game. Basements are more or less your base while the insects are your army units. You use these things the same way you would use them in any other game in the genre except in this game you're allowed to place your base. The options you have for your base will be shown on the bottom left side of your game screen. Right above your basement options, you'll see how much money you have. You begin the game with only 1,000 dollars so you'll need to use money sparingly. It costs money to buy a basement, build turrets and build armies so don't go crazy building your bases. You'll need to spend money to defend your bases. For more information on a base you want to build, hover your mouse over it. To the right of the basement options you'll see the basic information about the base you are thinking about building; the cost and how powerful it is. Use this information to make your decision. Once you've decided on the base you want to build, click it and place it somewhere on the map. If you've clicked on the wrong base and want to choose a different one, all you have to do is click on 'cancel' build and choose the base you wanted to build. Once you have your base in place, click on it to start to build your defense. At the bottom right side of the screen, you'll see what you can do with your base. You can choose to build an army which will be one insect soldier, build a turret which can be placed around your base to take out attacking enemies for you or upgrade your base. Upgrades are a great idea, but not overly necessary in the beginning of the game. A few insects and a few well placed turrets is all you'll need to defend your base. Save your money for later in the game when you're really need it to defend yourself against stronger enemies who will be attacking in greater numbers.

There are several different types of basements you can choose from in Backyard Buzzing. Choose your basement depending on what goal you need to accomplish and how much money you have to spend. Each different basement costs a different amount of money so you need to be careful not to leave yourself without money and no way to defend yourself. Ant Domes are the basic towers but they're more than enough to get your through the first two levels. They deploy ant soldiers which are inexpensive but relatively easy to kill. Place one or two turrets around the edge of your base and release five or six ant soldiers and you should be able to fend off your attackers through the first level. If you need more soldiers, you can click on your base during battle to release more soldiers or build more turrets. Ant Domes can be upgraded to Spider Domes. The upgrade is fairly expensive but well worth it. Spider Domes release spider crawlers which deliver more damage than ants and can quickly take out an enemy base. Ants can take out spiders fairly efficiently and since spider crawlers are more expensive you won't be able to release as many of them, but they're worth the price. Louse Domes release small beetles which are a little tougher than your and soldiers. Louse Domes can be upgraded to more advanced Louse Domes which release heavy beetles which are much more durable than ants, spiders and small beetles. The upgrade is fairly pricy (as is the Louse Dome) but if you have the extra money and need a heavier defense, this is the way to go. Ladybug Domes release ladybugs which, despite their reputation are fairly solid warriors. These domes can be upgraded to Beetle Domes which deploy black beetles. It's an expensive upgrade but the stronger defensive line is worth it. Locust Domes release locusts; one of the best options in the game. They're strong, fast and fairly resilient. These domes upgrade to Dragonfly Domes which release dragonflies. This is a fairly good option although this relatively expensive upgrade should wait until you absolutely need it. Finally, the most expensive basic base, the Mosquito Dome releases mosquitoes. They're tougher than most of the other insects and quite resilient to attack. This dome upgrades to the Bee Dome which releases bees. Bees have the strongest attack in the game but these towers should be saved until later levels. They're expensive and while the attack is worth it, in earlier levels, they're fairly unnecessary.

Overall, Backyard Buzzing is a unique and engrossing tower defense war game that offers you an interesting story and challenging levels to please even the most experienced player. Experienced players will like the departure from the typical shoot 'em up nature of more traditional tower defense war games and will enjoy the fact that the game isn't like every other game in the genre. Beginners will appreciate the fact that the game gives you a chance to get used to the controls and get used to how the game is played before your thrown into the harder levels. The real trick to getting ahead in the game is to make use of the map you're provided to not only see where your enemies are but how many enemies you have to deal with. This allows you to only spend the money you need to spend to defend yourself without going overboard. This is a great tower defense war game any fan of the genre should play at least once. It isn't the most difficult war game online, but it is a lot of fun.