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Battalion: Ghosts Instructions

Battalion: Ghosts is controlled by using the mouse. Click on units to select them, then click on where you want them to move, or on enemies that you wish to attack. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface.

Battalion: Ghosts Walkthrough

Battalion: Ghosts is the fourth installment of the Battalion series of war games. If you are a fan of the Nintendo Wars series of games, you may find this war game strikingly similar. This turn-based strategy game retains the charm that is expected in this series, and features a slew of diverse units, lovely visuals, outstanding audio, and ten new missions.

Battalion: Ghosts puts you in command of your very own army. Your job is to take objectives and destroy enemy units for the glory of your nation! To aid you in your quest for battlefield supremacy, you have a diverse array of units at your disposal, each with their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Learning to balance your forces, and choosing the right unit for the job is crucial to success in Battalion: Ghosts. The Scorpion Tank is the backbone of your army, and is a good all-around unit for use against enemy ground forces. The Flak Tank is great against light units and aircraft, but is weak against armored units. Air units are great because most land and sea units cannot attack them, but beware enemy Flak Tanks and Rocket Trucks.

The tools are only as good as the user in this war game, however, and superior tactics will often win the day. Using mountainous terrain and forests to absorb damage can help your units to better deal with enemy combatants. Setting up choke points can also help a numerically-small force defeat a greater foe. Another great tactic is to use long-ranged units such as the Rocket Truck to soften up enemies before sending in your close-ranged forces to finish the job. Experiment with various units and tactics to find out what works best for you in this strategy game!

Veterans of the Battalion series and newcomers alike will enjoy this addicting war game. If you enjoy the Nintendo Wars series of games, or turn-based strategy games in general, you will be right at home playing this masterpiece. The battle rages on in Battalion: Ghosts!