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Battle for Alandria Instructions

Battle for Alandria is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface. Click and drag on unit icons to place units on the field. The arrow keys may be used to scroll the camaera.

Battle for Alandria Walkthrough

Battle for Alandria is an epic war game that puts you in command of an elemental army in your quest to retake the lands of Alandria. This war game features a captivating backstory (although it is not necessary to pay attention to it to play the game), four kingdoms to play as, and thirteen missions.

The goal of Battle for Alandria is to retake Alandria from the clutches of the necromancers. There are four elemental kingdoms that you may choose: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. The kingdom that you choose does not have a major effect on gameplay, so pick whichever king you please. The gameplay of this war game is similar to a defense game. Your objective is to survive waves of enemy attacks. If you survive through all waves and defeat the enemy hero, then you will be able to advance to the next mission. If your hero is killed in battle, then you will fail. Your progress is automatically saved, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

Battle for Alandria uses the mouse as its primary control device. Units are placed by clicking icons to the right of the screen then dragging units into the green deployment area. You do not have direct control of units in this war game, you can only deploy units and upgrade them. It is often best to buy cheap units at the start of a battle, then upgrade them as the battle progresses rather than buying veteran units up front. To upgrade a unit, click on that unit during the deployment phase, then click on the appropriate upgrade that you wish to purchase.

Battle for Alandria also features some role-playing game elements. Killing enemies rewards gold in typical defense game fashion, but it also rewards experience. When enough experience is gained, you can upgrade your hero. I advise upgrading your hero's melee and spell powers before upgrading health in this war game. Your hero will rarely take damage in the first missions since your units will serve as fodder while your hero deals the damage to enemy units. If you want more experience points, try to kill the enemy hero before the last wave for bonus points!

Battle for Alandria is a splendid blend of strategy game and defense game with just a dash of role-playing game. Reclaim the glory of your kingdom and purge the necromancers from Alandria in this fun war game!