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Battle Gear Instructions

Mouse interacts and scrolls the screen, 123456789 quick-select categories of units.

Battle Gear Walkthrough

Battle Gear is s game of war between two opposing sides, you have access to a large quantity of units and plenty of upgrades in order to crush the opposition. Battle Gear plays like many games in this genre, if you've not played games like this, read on.

In game, you have money, and your base has HP, and you have a unit count. If your base HP or unit count hit zero, the game is over. Along the bottom of the screen, you have four categories of units you can send to kill your enemies, Infantry, Artillery, Air Force, and Navy.

Infantry train fast and die fast in Battle Gear, but are the cheapest unit and the ones that use explosives can take down multiple units before they get killed by your enemies. Artillery are the meat and potatoes of your firepower, having high attack and defense stats as well as being fast, but are expensive. Air Force is your most valuable asset, hard to hit, hard to destroy, and do pretty major damage. They're very pricey but ultimately worth it above all other units. The Navy is only available during sea battles.

By clicking on the icon of the unit you want to built, a red progress bar will appear, and once it fills, the unit will be instantly and automatically deployed, and sent off to war. You can only train one unit of any given category at any time, with exceptions on certain missions where you are heavily restricted in what unit types you can build, then you're limited to one of each unit at a time. There is also a limit to how many units you can have on the map altogether, usually 16 but it can sometimes be 8, units.

Whenever a unit dies, your unit number at the top of the screen will be reduced accordingly. If this hits zero, the game is over. At the bottom of the screen, you can see the health of your base, if this hits zero, you lose regardless of how many units you have.

Between stages in the Battle Gear campaign, you gain experience and can spend that experience to unlock and upgrade your units. Units also have a level requirement to unlock, and you can also unlock base guards, turrets, towers, and special units. You can also upgrade skills which improve unit stats across the board, total unit count, base durability (to a ridiculous level), or the rate at which you earn money.