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Battle Gear 2 Instructions

Train units by clicking on the unit icon or by hitting the corresponding number key (hot keys 1-9). Move a formation up (when 'troops appear: manual' is selected) by pressing 'w' or the up arrow key. Move formation down (when 'troops appear: manual' is selected) by pressing 's' or the down arrow key). Scroll anywhere on the screen using the mouse or scroll to the left using 'a' or the left arrow key, to the right using 'd' or the right arrow key. Scroll quickly to the left, center or right using 'z', 'x', or 'c'. Pause the game by pressing 'p'. Pick enemy territories to attack on the world map, then battle them in an enclosed area - if you run out of troops, you'll lose; destroy the enemy base for a victory.

Battle Gear 2 Walkthrough

Battle Gear 2 is an excellent online war game that offers something for every level of war game fan. It doesn't really break any new ground as far as war games are concerned but it offers more than enough to be interesting and fun. The graphics are pretty good, especially when considering some of the competition, and the game play can get fairly intense. The goal of the game is pretty simple - destroy the enemy base or kill all of the enemy troops. Losing the game is also just as simple. You lose if your base is destroyed or all of your troops are killed. It's fairly easy to see where you stand in the game. On the right side of the screen below your enemy's base (you'll need to scroll to see it), you have a health bar as well as the number of troops in your enemy unit. You'll see the same thing below your base but reflecting your information. If either of those health bars empties completely or the number of troops in the unit reaches zero, that team will lose. You want to avoid being that team at all costs. Newcomers will be a little overwhelmed in the beginning while more experienced players will find the beginning a bit too easy, but the difficulty level picks up as you play. That could be seen as a bad thing to the newcomer, but the more you play, the more you'll improve. Nothing beats experience in this one, so be patient and stick with it. You'll be able to play with the best of them in time.

Battle Gear 2 is a cross between the board game Risk and RTS flash games. It's a war game - a world war - but the battles you'll engage in take place on a small scale. You'll start the game at an overworld map. There, you'll be able to see where you are, what territories you control and possess, and who you can attack. Once you launch an attack, however, the game dramatically changes. Where Risk would roll the dice, Battle Gear 2 lets you duke it out with your opponents.

And it's the meat of this war game - during a battle, your ultimate goal is to destroy an enemies' base. It's got a huge load of HP though, and if you run out of soldiers on the battlefield, your attack will be repelled - the same goes for enemies attacking your countries. So, you've got a huge fund of money that you can spend to train troops, helicopters, and other vehicles with - although the troops you use in battle wont' be used again, so don't go for an overkill every time you attack someone.

Battle Gear 2 offers several different types of troops; infantry, artillery, air force, navy, base guard, turret, tower, and strike. To begin training troops, you simply have to click on the type of troops you would like to train. In the beginning of the game, money is fairly limited and many of the troop types will still be locked. Look at your available options, see which troops you have enough money for and choose the type of troop you feel would offer the most benefit for the situation your in on the battlefield. The menu is fairly easy to understand which will be a great benefit to newcomers to the genre. You have the classification of troops along the top, the type of troop on the next line down, an image depicting the troop below that and finally, how much the unit will cost. Only buy what you need to get by. You'll need to save money for later in the game when things start getting more difficult. Training more troops than you need will leave you short in the future when you need to train more advanced troops.

As with most of the other war games online, upgrades are extremely important in Battle Gear 2. To upgrade your units, you'll go to the 'troops and buildings' screen. Here you will see all of the troops and building you own. You'll use ability points (experience) to upgrade your units so how much you are able to upgrade them will depend on how much experience you've gained in the game. Because of this, early in the game it's important to choose your upgrades wisely. Choose the upgrades you need the most first. Once you have the upgrades you need you can work on the getting the upgrades you want. The real difference between the two is that the upgrades you need are vital to making it through the next level while the upgrades you want will just make beating the level a bit easier.

Battle Gear 2 really separates itself from most of the other war games online by allowing you to choose how your troops will appear on the battlefield and choose their morale. You have two options for each setting. For 'troops appear' you can choose 'random' or 'manual'. By choosing random, you choose to have your troops appear in random locations on the battlefield. Be choosing manual, you choose to have your troops appear in an arrow formation. You will then control the movement of that formation. Which one you choose is entirely up to you.

Battle Gear 2 also offers a wide variety of powered skills which is another aspect of the game that differs significantly from most of the other war games online. The powered skills all offer different advantages that can help you significantly in battle. There are general performance boosts that can increase just about every aspect of your units performance, low cost boosts that reduce the cost of training units, experience boosts that increases the amount of experience you gain for each level and money boosts that increase the amount of money you gain for each level. There are also different types of battles in the game you can choose from. Each type of battle allows you to train a different type of troop so read the description carefully and choose with your skills in mind. Some types of battles are better for some types of players. Play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses.

The best way to get through Battle Gear 2 is to figure out the best war strategy for you keeping in mind your own skills. Troops Appear: Manual gives you more control but it isn't for everyone. Think about what you're best at in this type of game and choose that. Also, it's important to keep the different types of units in mind. Certain types of units work better for specific purposes in the game. You really need to find the balance between defending your base and attacking your enemy's base. Use base guard units, turrets and tower upgrades to defend your base while you use whatever strikes you have available to attack your enemy's base. This will give you a well rounded attack. If you've just unlocked a unit, use it! Always look for what unit is the most powerful and use that.

Overall, Battle Gear 2 is a complicated war game with a lot you need to keep in mind, but that's really what makes it so addictive. Newcomers that are having a hard time getting the hang of how the game is played can take a few moments to read through the guide the game offers by returning to the main menu and clicking 'how to play'. Even some experienced players are going to find this one a little hard and may need to consult the guide simply because it is quite a bit more complex than most of the other war games online. Regardless of your skill and experience level, this game is going to offer you a pretty decent challenge. This is a must play game for any fan of online war games that will keep you playing level after level.

The main drawback of battling is the length of time it takes to train troops - you may not be sure if you need more by the time your reinforcements arrive, so it's easy to underestimate opponents. Once you unlock some of the better units in the game, it does become a lot more fun to devastate opponents. Overall, a war game like Battle Gear 2 is a lot of fun sit down and play until you've beaten it - just like Risk.