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Battle Gear 3 Instructions

Battle Gear 3 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Click on unit icons to train them (you may also use the number keys as hotkeys). Use the left and right arrow keys (or A and D keys) to scroll the camera. The P key pauses the game.

Battle Gear 3 Walkthrough

Battle Gear 3 is the third game in the Battle Gear series of war games (not to be confused with the Battle Gear racing games released by Taito). Battle Gear 3 features improved graphics compared to those of its predecessors, two modes of gameplay, and four difficulty levels.

In Battle Gear 3, you can choose to play the World Domination campaign or a single battle. Single Battle Mode is great for practicing battles and is fun for a quick break. World Domination Mode is the main portion of this war game and what we will be discussing in this article. World Domination combines the turn-based territory-grabbing aspects of Risk with real-time battles. If you are new to this strategy game, I advise you to play as an alliance with a high military power rating, such as North America, Europe, or East Asia. On the other hand, gamers looking for an increased challenge should play as a weaker faction such as Africa.

Upgrading your units and armies can help you to overpower your enemies in Battle Gear 3. To access the upgrade menu, click on any of your territories, then click on the upgrade button. The first page of the upgrade screen is used to upgrade units, while the second page is used to upgrade power skills. Upgrades require experience which is earned by winning battles.

We still haven't discussed the actual battles in this war game yet, so let's take time to do so. The goal of each battle is to destroy the enemy base or wipe out all of their units. You must also prevent your base from being destroyed or losing all of your units. This is done by training units to send into combat and building defenses. Power skills also come in handy to bolster the abilities of your units or hinder those of your enemy. Experiment with different combinations of units until you find out what works for you.

Battle Gear 3 is a a war game that can be played for a quick tactical thrill, or you can go the distance and try to conquer the world. If you do choose to try your hand at world domination, remember that the world was not built in a day, and it probably can't be conquered in one either. Luckily, your progress is saved in this strategy game so you can continue your campaign the next time that you play!