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Battle Panic Instructions

Battle Panic is controlled by using the mouse. Hover over objects with your mouse cursor to interact with them.

Battle Panic Walkthrough

Battle Panic is a defense game by Ninja Kiwi, makers of the Bloons and Bloons Tower Defense series. This war game features incredible graphics and animations, great audio, and a unique control scheme.

When you first load Battle Panic, you have have the option to login to a Ninja Kiwi account if you have one, or register one if you do not. It is not necessary to have a Ninja Kiwi account to play this war game, but your saved games will be more secure and you will gave access to premium items and additional upgrades. Your game is still saved if you go not have an account, but you run the risk of deleting your saved data if you clear your browser's cache.

Battle Panic is a mission-based war game. Mission objectives are given at the start of each level. Objectives can range from collecting resources, to building certain structures, to defeating enemies, and so on. What makes Battle Panic unique is its control scheme. Instead of clicking on objects or using buttons, you simply hover your mouse over objects that you wish to interact with. Hover over mines to collect gold, hover over trees to chop wood, vacant lots to build structures, structures to train troops, and even enemies to attack them! This control scheme makes the game perfect for casual gamers.

At the end of each level of Battle Panic, your performance will be graded up to three stars. These stars are used to purchase upgrades. I advise you to focus on the building upgrades at first since you will be building throughout the game. Resource gathering upgrades are also useful since resources are the lifeblood of your armies in this war game. If you need more stars for upgrades, try to replay previously-completed levels and improve your performance.

Battle Panic is a simple and addictive game that casual gamers can appreciate. Don't let the simplicity of this strategy game fool you; it becomes more challenging as you progress, so war game fanatics will be able to enjoy it too!