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Bomb the Aliens Instructions

Bomb the Aliens is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Aim and shoot by using your mouse. Select weapons by using the number keys.

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Everyone is worried about zombies these days, but it's really the aliens that you need to be on the lookout for! In Bomb the Aliens, a defense game sponsored by Max Games, aliens have invaded the Earth and you are humanity's last hope of survival! This war game features cartoon graphics, nonstop gameplay, and eight weapons to rain death upon the aliens!

The goal of Bomb the Aliens is to defend your base against waves of alien attackers and hold out for as long as possible. If aliens slip past your bombardment, they will attack your base and gradually reduce your shields. If your shields fall, you will lose the game! Your progress is not saved in this war game, since it is designed for players to get as far as they can in one session.

Unlike most defense games where you rely on turret emplacements, Bomb the Aliens takes a more hands-on approach. Use your mouse to aim your crosshair, then click to shoot. Once you have acquired additional weapons, you can use the number keys to switch between them. This is useful for when you are waiting for another weapon to recharge.

Unfortunately, killing enemies does not earn money in Bomb the Aliens, but money is earned over time. When you have enough saved up, you can purchase upgrades for your base by clicking on the buttons at the top of the screen. I advise upgrading the resource digger first to increase the amount of money that you make every second. Although you will be doing most of the fighting, it is a good idea to upgrade your automated defenses to zap any aliens that get close to your base. Purchase weapons facilities to add more weapons to your arsenal and ammo dumps to provide ammunition for them. The weapon charger should be purchased last in this war game. Despite its name, it does not charge your weapons, but rather, increases your shield's recharge rate. If you purchase all of the other upgrades and are proficient at blasting the aliens, then you won't even need the recharge upgrade.

Bomb the Aliens blends elements of shooting games and defense games into one addicting war game. Warm up the defenses and blow those aliens into oblivion in Bomb the Aliens!