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Brian Damage : Infinite Slaughter Instructions

Move left using 'a' or the left arrow key. Move right using 'd' or the right arrow key. Move up using 'w' or the up arrow key. Move down using 's' or the down arrow key. Choose weapons using number keys 1-6. Aim with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button.

Brian Damage : Infinite Slaughter Walkthrough

Brian Damage : Infinite Slaughter is one of the most entertaining shoot 'em up war games online simply because it does everything with a little bit of personality. The graphics are great - lots of blood, but not so much gore it distracts from the game. The enemies you face off against look good but what really makes the baddies in this game so much fun is the different designs you face off against. All of the new enemies look different so the game still feels fresh and new level after level. There is always something new to challenge you which keeps this interesting. The story itself is really nothing new when it comes to shoot 'em up war games; the planet is under attack by zombies, mutants, giant spiders and various other monsters and only you can save it. How do you save it? By shooting everything in sight, of course.

If you're at all familiar with the Brain Damage series of games, you already know who Brain Damage is. He's the gun-toting, tough guy with the big biceps that loves saving the day almost as much as he loves shooting bad guys. Brian Damage : Infinite Slaughter is no difference. You play the role of Brain Damage and you're once again out to save the world. It actually sounds like a fairly easy task; a game controlled mostly with the mouse in which your prime objective is to destroy all of your enemies. It's not like fans of shoot 'em up war games haven't seen this before. What really makes this game so much fun is the fact that it recognizes that you've seen it all before and tries to give you something new and interesting to change things up a little bit. The upgrades are pretty basic, new guns and more ammo more or less, which in itself is a departure from other games in the genre. While other games load you with upgrades to make your defense stronger, improve your weapons, this one settles for just giving you whole new weapons to play with. In truth, you will need to buy the new weapons if you hope to progress in the game. Getting them can be a bit tricky though. You need money to buy upgrades. To get money, you need to complete levels. You are armed with two weapons when you begin the game though and they're more than enough to get you through until things get a little more difficult. You just need to be careful not to waste your ammo. You need to shoot quickly and carefully. Running out of ammo is bad. Running out of health is worse, because, well, you die. You only have three lives to make it through a level. Lose three lives and you have to start over from the very beginning.

As you progress though Brian Damage : Infinite Slaughter things get much more difficult. This will be great news from the more advanced shoot 'em up war game players that find the first levels a bit too easy. For beginners though, that might be bad news. Beginners are likely going to have trouble getting used to the game. While all of the aiming and shooting is done with the mouse, the fact that the arrow keys (or the standard 'wasd' controls) are used to navigate through the level might pose some problems for those who are used to this in a war game. The fact is, many war games do use these navigational controls, but the fast pace of this game may give beginners trouble as they try to get used to using the mouse and the arrow keys together. More experienced players won't find they have this problem and are likely going to have an easier time getting used to the controls. With a little time and patience, though, even the novice player will get the hang of it. While it isn't an easy game, it also isn't an impossible game. Getting the controls down is half the battle.

The new weapons you can buy are important in Brian Damage : Infinite Slaughter, but you don't need them to get through the beginning levels in the game. Use your money sparingly. Allow it to accumulate and don't spend it on anything you don't actually need. You'll want the more heavy duty weapons down the line when stronger enemies are attacking you in greater numbers. Try to save money for the more expensive weapons. You'll need them. Remember though; at times you'll also need to buy ammo for your weapons so don't spend all of your money on weapons. Save some aside for ammo. The key is to find a balance. Only buy weapons when you've amassed enough money to buy the weapons and have enough money left for ammo. You will find ammo as you kill enemies though, so as long as you save enough for a clip or two, you should be fine. The ammo for the weapons you're equipped with when you begin the game isn't all that expensive so you should have no trouble buying it here and there if you don't find any refills.

Overall, Brian Damage : Infinite Slaughter is an excellent, engrossing and difficult shoot 'em up war game that will keep you playing level after level. It isn't an easy game but that's what makes it so addictive. You want to keep playing to get a little bit further. You want to know what bad guys you'll face off against next. You want to buy the new weapons so you take them to battle and see how they work. The best way to get through the game is to make use of all the weapons available to you. Figure out what weapon works best on a wide range of enemies. Figure out what weapon works best on the tough enemies at the end of the level. Figure out what weapon works best on a certain type of enemy and switch back and forth between weapons throughout the level. This is an excellent game that offers a little something for everyone. If you'd a fan of shoot 'em up war games, Brian Damage : Infinite Slaughter is definitely a game you need to try out.