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BugWar Instructions

Point and click with your mouse to send larvae from one base to another. The object of each level is to completely dominate a map; you'll have to do so before your opponent does. Click and drag to highlight multiple colonies - you'll be able to send larvae from more than one base this way. Build towers along paths to stop invading attacks; try and blitz your enemy from all directions in this take-over war game.

BugWar Walkthrough

BugWar may seem like it has a simple premise, but when you get to its later levels, you'll see that it takes a lot of frantic, calculated clicking. You'll have to think out some of your strategies while you're playing and be able to change them in a split-second. Each map will start out with three types of colonies, or nodes - tan-colored nodes, under your control, dark-colored nodes, under enemy control, and gray nodes - neutral colonies that can be easily taken over.

Any node you control will generate new larvae at a slow rate, but when you control more than just a few of them, your rate of larvae growth is substantial. If you can compact all of your larvae into one node, and then launch an attack from there, you'll be able to take over almost any enemy node - but the enemy can do the same at any time, so you'll have to watch out and know when to play defensively.

Making it to the last levels in BugWar isn't difficult at all, if you play your cards right. Unfortunately, your hand might become a little sore due to the massive amounts of frantic clicking you'll have to do - and it should be noted that towers aren't necessary for the first few levels of the game; they can be won on strategy alone. Overall, BugWar is a zany, insect-filled digression into the war game genre - but it works, and it's fun to play; see if you can beat it in one sitting.