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Build and Destroy Live Instructions

Build and Destroy Live is controlled by using the mouse. Build and repair your tower by clicking on blocks. Select your weapon by clicking on a weapon icon, then aim and fire by using the mouse. You may also use keyboard shortcuts to select weapons.

Build and Destroy Live Walkthrough

Build and Destroy Live is a multiplayer war game. This strategy game features cute graphics, turn-based and real-time modes, and the ability to link the game to your Facebook account or Armor Games account to play against opponents on those networks. Don't have accounts with these sites? No problem. You can play as a guest, but you will not be able to save your progress between sessions.

Build and Destroy Live can be won by three methods: by building your tower up to the fireworks crate and maintaining it for a set number of turns (or seconds in real-time mode), by having a higher fortress at the end of a certain number of turns (or seconds), or by killing your enemy. When you first start this game, only turn-based mode is available. Turn-based mode is less frantic and allows you to plan your actions carefully. Part of your turn is spent building, after which you can launch an attack against your opponent.

Real-time mode is unlocked after you have won enough battles to reach level three. When playing this war game in real-time, you can build or shoot at any time that you want once the action has cooled down. The green bar in the center of the stage acts as a cool-down meter for building while the reddish bar below it acts as a cool-down meter for attacking. Playing in real-time will require more coordination and quicker thinking than playing a turn-based game.

If this is your first time playing Build and Destroy Live, then I advise you to play against bots until you have gotten the hang of things. Not only is it good practice, you you can also gain experience and level up to unlock various perks which will be useful once you start playing against humans.

Build and Destroy Live is a fun artillery game that can be played against a bot or against a human player for a real challenge! Not all of the weapons and features will be available unless you fork over $1.99 to buy the premium edition of the game, but you can still have fun playing the free edition (although you will be missing out on nukes).