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Bunker - Survival Instructions

Aim with the mouse. Shoot with the left mouse button. Change weapons using number keys 1-9 when multiple weapons are available. Access the store and pause the game by pressing 'space' or by clicking the money icon in the top left of your screen with the left mouse button. Access the settings menu and pause the game by pressing 'esc'.

Bunker - Survival Walkthrough

Bunker - Survival is one of the most fast paced, intense tower defense war games online. You are challenged to survive twenty-five waves of enemies that grow increasing more difficult and attack in greater numbers as you progress in the game. Each new enemy introduced is a little bigger than the last which means it will take more hits to destroy it. This increasing level of difficulty will be a treat for experienced tower defense war game players. Beginners might find this one a little difficult to get through, but the more you play the better you'll get. As with any game, practice makes perfect. The great thing about this game is that even practice is a lot of fun. While you may not be able to get past the beginning levels when you first start playing, stick with it and you'll improve little by little. Eventually, you'll be blowing up tanks with the best of them.

In Bunker - Survival, like many other tower defense war games, your primary goal is to destroy enemy tanks before they are able to destroy your base. At the bottom of the screen the health of your base is indicated by a green bar. If that green bar is empty, your game is over. At the upper left corner of the screen you'll see how much money you've earned. As you destroy enemies, you will gain money. You can use this money to buy items and upgrades in the shop. Upgrades are an important part of defending your base. In the beginning, you don't need to worry as much about upgrades but as you progress in the game and enemies become stronger and approach more quickly, you will need those upgrades. Try to hold off on spending money for as long as you can. That way you'll have more left for when you really need it later in the game. Power ups are also a great advantage and can help you keep playing longer. There are five upgrades in total and they are dropped at various times through the levels of the game. To collect your power up, simply click on it. It will then be activated.

The upgrades in Bunker - Survival are really no different than what you would find with most tower defense war games. All of the upgrades available are shown in the store which you can access by either clicking on the money icon at the top right of the screen or by pressing 'space'. You can access the store at any point during game play so keep an eye on how much money you have. If there is a weapon you feel would help you get through a particularly tough level, but you don't have enough money for it when you start the level, watch your money and purchase the weapon the moment you have enough money for it. While saving money is important, it won't do you much good if you are defeated. There are five different weapons you can buy; each offering its own strengths and weaknesses. Click on a weapon to learn more about it. Each of the five weapons can be upgraded to increase the strength of their attack.

The power ups in Bunker - Survival are also fairly standard in tower defense war games. The white medical kit with the red cross on it is your medic kit. Getting this power up with increase your health, making it particularly useful during an intense battle. The shield will raise a protective barrier around your base for a short period of time making it less vulnerable to attack. The clock slows your enemies for a short amount of time making it easier for you to defend your base and take out those enemy tanks. The final two power ups you'll come across are bombs; the rounded one slightly less effective than the larger one. Dropping bombs will deliver hit points to a larger number of enemies than you will be able to hit with your weapon. Like the weapons, your power ups are also upgradable. Upgrading your medic kit will increase the amount of health each kit can restore. Upgrading the shield will increase the amount of time the shield stays in place. Upgrading the clock will increase the amount of time the power up remains in effect and will also make your enemy tanks move even slower. Upgrading the bombs increases both the range of the bombs and the damage the bombs deliver.

Overall Bunker - Survival is one of the more addictive tower defense war games online simply because it takes all of your standard power ups and upgrades and takes them a step further. For that reason, although the game isn't easy, it never feels impossible. There will be levels you will get frustrated with - especially for those who aren't familiar with this sort of game - but it doesn't feel like a game that can't be beaten. Experienced players will love the challenge and the fact that the game breaks away from the typical tower defense war game layout. You aren't standing on top of a tower on the left side of the screen with wave after wave of enemies approaching from the right. Instead, you are front and center with enemies attacking from all sides. It's this key difference that makes the game so difficult but it also what makes the game so much fun. While there are more difficult war games online, this game offers a level of challenge that is perfect for any player. This one is definitely worth checking out.