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Mouse controls everything.

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A game of war between the red and blue kingdoms, in a race to see who can create the mightiest soldiers and archers. You play the blue kingdom and your enemy is the red kingdom. Generic huh?

The battlefield in Castle Crusade has two castles, and some towers on certain maps. You have two unit types, knights and archers, and a third noncombatant lumberjack who gathers resources.

The Knights are melee units and archers are ranged units, your castle automatically creates knights, and any towers you have captured automatically create archers. The lumberjack chops down wood from trees which also appears to be the currency of the realm. If he dies, you will be cut off from resources which will quickly screw you over.

At the castle, you can upgrade the lumberjack's resource gathering rate, making him pick up two resources instead of one in regular patterns. The unit production speed can also be increased, along with tower HP and unit HP. At the towers as well as creating archers, can improve the attack speed and attack power of any units you have.

The towers in Castle Crusade have to be repaired before use, and only the one who repairs them can use them. However, is a tower is destroyed, you can snatch them straight up and get a major edge over your opponent.

At random times, either a trebuchet or a pile of wood will appear on the map. Grab these at the very first opportunity, as the wood pile grants a huge amount of resources, and the trebuchet when repaired will do major damage to the enemy castle. Your enemies upgrade every chance they get as well, so make sure to keep the momentum up.

Between the levels, you can spend gold on various upgrades, but these are steep in price so choose wisely.