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Castle Wars Instructions

Select and play cards using the mouse and the left mouse button. Discard an unwanted card by pressing 'ctrl' and clicking the card with the left mouse button.

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Castle Wars is, without question, one of the best card based strategy war games online. It takes a little while to really understand how the game is played and to work out a winning strategy but once you do, you'll have a blast playing this engrossing and completely addictive game. Unlike most strategy war games online, this game doesn't involve shooting anyone, blowing anything up or blood and gore of any sort. All of the action is based around the cards in your hand and using them to take out your enemy. This makes it the perfect game for someone who loves the competitive nature of war games and the challenge of defeating an opponent but is tired of the standard shoot 'em up war games typically found on the internet. This game is a game of the mind not of might. You need to plan your strategy and make the best moves you can make with the cards you are given; making your own castle bigger and stronger while also trying to make your opponent's smaller and weaker. The real challenge is understanding what the cards mean and how to use them properly, but that will really come with time spent playing.

The premise of Castle Wars is really the standard premise behind most of the strategy war games online. You have a castle and your opponent has a castle. You are at war with your opponent and you need to do everything you can to win that war. The goal? Build a castle that is 100 stories tall before your opponent does or destroy your enemy's castle completely. Which way you choose to go depends on what cards you have and which goal seems most attainable. Keep an eye on your opponent's progress. If it seems almost certain they are going to reach 100 stories before you, attack their castle. Take their supplies. Sabotage their progress. Do whatever you can to slow them down and reduce the size of their castle before focusing on progressing with your own castle. Keep an eye on your supplies though. You definitely don't want to run out of something you need. Even more importantly, you don't want to run out of everything you need. Running out of everything pretty much means you're a sitting duck, waiting for your enemy to come in and take you out.

The cards in Castle Wars are pretty easy to understand. All of the information you need to know about the card is displayed right on it. At the top left side of the card you see the matierals you need to use the card. On the top left of the card you see how much of that material you need to use the card. In the center of the card is a pretty little picture that tells you what the card is. At the bottom of the card you see what the card does. Every single card you are given will perform some sort of action. You can only play a card in your hand if you have enough materials to use that card. For example, the 'fort' card is an excellent card to use because it adds 20 stories to your castle, which you would see at the bottom of the card. However, it also costs 18 bricks to use that card which you would see at the top of the card. If you only have 17 bricks, you will not be able to use the 'fort' card. It will still show up in your hand but in a darker color. When you try to click on it, nothing will happen. Any cards in your hard that are darkened cannot be played. If all of the cards in your hand are darkened, you will need to discard one. You can discard cards at any time during the game, not just when you have no playable cards, although you can only discard one per turn. While you may think discarding a card is a good idea, remember you can't control what that card is replaced with and you never know if you will need the card you've thrown away down the line. If you can avoid throwing a card away, you should. It's better to have it and not use it than to need it and not have it.

The game screen in Castle Wars looks a little complicated when you first begin playing, but it's actually pretty simple. There's more information presented to you than you would typically get in a strategy war game, but it all has it's place and it all worth knowing. Your current status is shown in the panel on the left side of the screen while your opponent's current status is shown in the panel on the right side of the screen. Don't just pay attention to your own status. Watch your enemy and see how they are doing as well. Use that information to plan your attack. The information on both panels is set up the same way. There are four squares; red shows builders and bricks, green shows soldiers and weapons, blue shows magic and crystals and gray shows castle and fence. Builders, soldiers, and magic indicate how many bricks, weapons and crystals you get at the start of each new level. They all basically work the same way. For example, the more builders you have, the more bricks you will get at the beginning of each level. The gray square shows you the current height of your tower and your fence. Some cards will allow you to take materials from your fence to add to your castle's height. This is a good way to go, but it does leave you open to more damage from attack.

There are special cards in Castle Wars that can help you amass supplies more quickly. The 'school' card will give you more builders and therefore more new bricks at the start of each level. The 'recruit' card will give you more soldiers and therefore more new weapons at the beginning of each level. The socreror card will give you more magic and therefore more crystals at the beginning of each level. All of these cards help you significantly as they'll help you build important resources faster. You can also use 'conjure' cards to get bricks, weapons and crystals. This is another great way to build the resources you'll need. On the other side of the coin you have 'crush' cards that can be used to destroy your enemy's supplies and hinder their progress. If you have more than one crush card, look for what resource your enemy has the most of and use the corresponding card. The only exception should be if they are about to get to 100. Here, use a 'crush brick' card to slow them down.

The great thing about Castle Wars is that you can choose to customize your deck. If you're finding the game is a bit too difficult and you're not getting any of the cards you need, consider going into the 'deck' option from the main menu and choosing to add more of those cards to your deck. It doesn't make the game impossible to lose, but it does make it a little bit easier to win. You'll still need to play your cards carefully, but you shouldn't have as much trouble. Alternatively, if you're finding the game to easy, you can choose to customize your deck to make the game harder by reducing the number of stronger cards you are dealt. Regardless of how you choose to play or whether or not you choose to customize your deck, this is one of the most addictive strategy war games online simply because it dares to do things differently. Combining the best elements of strategy games, war games and card games Castle Wars will keep you hooked and have you going back for more game after game.