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Castle Wars 2 Instructions

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to select and play cards. Press 'ctrl' and click a card to discard it.

Castle Wars 2 Walkthrough

The sequel to popular strategy war game, Castle Wars, Castle Wars 2 is an excellent game that took the foundation built by it's predecessor and made some incredible improvements. The game is every bit as entertaining and addictive as the original but the screen has changed to make things a little clearer and a little more professional looking. Like the first game, Castle Wars 2 is a terrific card based strategy war game that challenges you to use your head to build a 100 story castle before your opponent or, alternatively, to just destroy their castle before they have the chance to beat you. You are once again given the option of customizing your own deck but most of the cards are the same; although a bit more well designed. Basically, this game is a more visually appealing version of the original game with a few extras thrown in for good measure.

Castle Wars 2 looks almost entirely different than the original game. You still have your hand at the bottom of the screen, but now you also have an action panel on the far right of the hand that gives you options for interacting with each card. On the top of the action panel, you have 'use'. That one's pretty self explanitory. You click it when you want to use the card that you've highlighted. Below that you have 'discard'. That one's also pretty easy to figure out. Click discard if you want to throw away the card you've highlighted. Remember though, it's best to only discard cards when you have no playable cards. You never know when you're going to need a card. It's better to have it and not use it than to need it and not have it. Unlike the first game, this one allows you to discard up to three cards at one time. This can be good if you have nothing usable and want more than one card. If you're really stuck and you have no cards you want to use, try discarding some of your cards and see what you get. It's important to keep in mind you can't choose what cards you will be dealt though so, in general, it's a better idea to play what you have. The final button on the action panel is 'card info'. You can click this button if you need to know more about a card in your hand. There have been some new cards added to this version of the game and some of the new cards have rather complex actions. Click information to learn more about what the card offers.

The actual layout of the cards in Castle Wars 2 is the same as the layout of the cards in the first game. You have information about how much the card costs at the top of the card (materials on the left and how much of the material on the right) and what the card does at the bottom. Make smart decisions when you're playing your cards based on what the card can do for you but also what it will leave you with in terms of materials. You need to try to ensure you've left yourself with enough resources to play a card the next time around. Your resources are shown in a panel at the top left of the game screen. Your enemy's resources are shown in a panel at the top right of the game screen. Don't ignore the valuable information in their panel. It will help you keep an eye on their progress so you can act accordingly. The resource panel isn't really all that difficult to understand. Basically, your resource panel and your enemy's are mirror images, meeting in the middle where 'special states' are displayed. The special states are new to this game, but they're not really all that difficult to understand. They appear when you have played a card which has effects that last more than a single turn. The brick, axe and shield icons are your resources. You'll spend resources each time you play a card. You will receive one of each of these resources at the beginning of each turn. The shovel, helmet and sorcerer's hat icons are workers. Workers produce resources. The more workers you have the more resources you will get.

The great thing about Castle Wars 2 is that in addition to the new cards and the new layout of the screen, a multitude of game play options have also been added. You can now choose from 'Practice' or 'Campaign' mode, choose new backgrounds and even choose new background music. The backgrounds are fun and give you the chance to make the game a little more personalized. These options are all fairly unique in the strategy war games genre and make the game even more appealing. Practice mode more or less gives you the same game experience you would've gotten with the first game aside from all the additional features that come with this game. The game really shines, though, in campaign mode. In campaign mode, you are given a map showing all of the territories you can attack. Hover over each territory with your mouse to see each territory's resources and decide which territory to attack based on that. It might be a better idea for newcomers to this sort of card based strategy war game to start out with a few practice games before tackling campaign mode. It can be pretty challenging. With a little time and patience, though, you can definitely conquer all of the territories on the map.

Overall, Castle Wars 2 picks up where the original left off. There are many improvements over its already excellent predecessor making this game one of the absolute based card war games online. It's incredibly addictive and can be quite challenging, but as long as you pay attention to your cards, resources and the enemy's resources, you should come out on top. It takes a while to develop a strategy that works for you, but basically, any strategy that involves balancing offense and defense is sure to be a winner. Use the mage, builder and recruit cards to build your resources more faster and take advantage of any 'special state' cards you are given. As you progress in campaign mode you will unlock new cards and, upon beating all of the territories, you can try your hand at taking on another tribe. This a great game that any fan of war games needs to try at least once.