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Play Plazma Burst: Forward to the past

#1: Plazma Burst: Forward to the past


With sixteen levels and three difficulties, Plazma Burst: Forward to the past not only has a lot to play through, but an interesting story as well; sent to the past to prevent the horrors of the future from happening, our...

Number of plays: 482,203

Play Renegade Commanders

#2: Renegade Commanders


Completely 3D, Renegade Commanders is a full scale RTS game with a lot of features you'd find in retail computer games. There's a skirmish mode you can choose to play if you don't want to follow the long campaign mode...

Number of plays: 154,792

Play Frontline Defense - First Assault

#3: Frontline Defense - First Assault


Like any other tower defense game, Frontline Defense - First Assault has towers that you can build and upgrade. They're divided into unique types that will have advantages on some enemies - and some that will not. Unlike other tower...

Number of plays: 96,430

Play Territory War

#4: Territory War


Fans of turn based war games and stick games, lovers of games like Worms and Gunbound, here's a treat: Territory War! For those of you who are experienced in war games and turn-based games, you will surely find the starting...

Number of plays: 77,985

Play Elite Forces: Warfare

#5: Elite Forces: Warfare


Like most other war games, you'll train, direct, and organize ground troops in Elite Forces: Warfare. But there's an added aspect to this game that sets it apart from a lot of other war games - you'll be able to...

Number of plays: 54,198

Play Warzone Tower Defense Extended

#6: Warzone Tower Defense Extended


Warzone Tower Defense Extended is one of the most unique, engrossing and intense tower defense war games online. While it isn't necessarily what you would expect when looking for a tower defense war game it definitely won't disappoint. Instead of...

Number of plays: 47,256

Play Zack's Hardware

#7: Zack's Hardware


Zack's Hardware is one of the most unique map based tower defense war games online simply because the story of the game is so unique. Instead of having to defend your tower against enemy soldiers or various ghosts and ghouls,...

Number of plays: 36,354

Play Elite Forces: Clone Wars

#8: Elite Forces: Clone Wars


Elite Forces: Clone Wars is an RTS war game with a very simple aspect of gameplay: it's all about spreading your troops. That's what it all boils down to - effectively distributing your troops. You'll start the game off, depending...

Number of plays: 32,559

Play Desert Rifle 2

#9: Desert Rifle 2


Desert Rifle 2 is the sequel to Desert Rifle. This iteration of the shooting game series features improved graphics, a greater variety of weapons, and longer gameplay. Desert Rifle 2 once again puts you in the boots of a special operations...

Number of plays: 28,619

Play Elite Forces: Warfare 2

#10: Elite Forces: Warfare 2


Elite Forces: Warfare 2 is a mix of warfare, tower defense, and insanity. There are maps where you'll have to direct ground troops in addition to placing towers, while other maps only consist of tower defense. Depending on what...

Number of plays: 25,769

Play Flash Element TD

#11: Flash Element TD


Flash Element TD puts a new and entertaining spin on traditional tower defense war games. While most games in this genre place you at the top of a tower on the left side of your screen and require you to...

Number of plays: 25,019

Play Desert Rifle

#12: Desert Rifle


Desert Rifle is a shooting game with amazing graphics and gameplay reminiscent of the Time Crisis series of arcade shooting games. This shooting game also features a variety of weapons and upgrades. Desert Rifle puts you in the boots of a...

Number of plays: 17,054

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