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Play Endless War 4

#1: Endless War 4


Endless War 4 is another great game in the excellent Endless War series. This game offers everything you could ever want in a war game - great graphics, challenging levels, powerful weapons and lots of action. With three excellent campaigns...

Number of plays: 272,742

Play Chronicles of Raynor

#2: Chronicles of Raynor


Chronicles of Raynor is an engrossing action war game with difficult challenges, entertaining graphics and an intriguing story line all of which combine to make this one incredibly addictive game. This game is far from easy but those with experience...

Number of plays: 166,462

Play Art of War 2

#3: Art of War 2


In Art of War 2, you're a dedicated Russian soldier desperately trying to reclaim the city of Stalingrad - to do so, you'll have to destroy a ton of Nazi soldiers, ranging from machine gunners to tanks. Besides having fun...

Number of plays: 165,624

Play Gun Nomads

#4: Gun Nomads


In a post-apocalyptic world it's solely up to you, the hero, to stop the dangerous blood raiders from attacking the republic of Arizona. Armed to the teeth with grenades, machine guns, and even energy pulse weapons, you'll have to accept...

Number of plays: 119,418

Play Plazma Burst 2

#5: Plazma Burst 2


Plazma Burst 2 is an fast paced war game that will grab your attention from the very beginning and not let go to the very end. There is a lot to keep in mind as you're playing the game and...

Number of plays: 91,322

Play Super Marine

#6: Super Marine


Super Marine is a fun and engrossing online war game that will grab your attention from the very beginning and hold it to the very end. The graphics are basic but still entertaining. They don't prevent the game from running...

Number of plays: 84,502

Play Squirt Man

#7: Squirt Man


Squirt Man is an aptly named run n' gun war game set in a post-apocalyptic future. A nuclear apocalypse, to be specific; it's up to you to vanquish the world of any and all radioactive freaks. They'll come in many...

Number of plays: 63,272

Play Horizon Of War

#8: Horizon Of War


Horizon of War is one of the best tower defense war games online. Challenging and engrossing, this game will keep you playing game after game. The premise couldn't be more simple, the graphics aren't over the top and the entire...

Number of plays: 63,226

Play Tanks and towers

#9: Tanks and towers


Tanks and Towers is an excellent tower defense war game that charges you with the all important task of protecting your MCV from enemy attack while also trying to destroy your enemy's MCV. To do this, you need to build...

Number of plays: 61,835

Play Operation Darkness Strike

#10: Operation Darkness Strike


Although the main menu claims that this flash game is only a "small version" of Operation Darkness, you'll still get the gist of this game. It' simple - you're a cop in a city, there are enemies popping up everywhere,...

Number of plays: 61,674

Play Mech Ops

#11: Mech Ops


Mech Ops is a futuristic war game, and it's nonstop action from the moment you start playing. You'll be controlling a mech - a powerful robot that has a shield, rockets, a rifle, and a booster than will allow you...

Number of plays: 61,028

Play Robot War

#12: Robot War


Robot War is a simplistic FPS war game - a linear one. Instead of running into the fray, the game moves for you, making enemies coming at you head on; you're moving along on a set path like a railshooter....

Number of plays: 60,044

Play Starship Wars

#13: Starship Wars


With an anime theme and classic arcade-shooter gameplay, Starship Wars is a flash game you'll immediately be able to pick up and play. The controls are easy to grasp - just use your mouse, and a few others to swap...

Number of plays: 58,109

Play Raft Wars

#14: Raft Wars


I nominate Raft Wars for the title of cutest war game ever to hit the internet. It's just plain adorable. It's also incredibly unique. In the world of online war games, it's often difficult to find something that really stands...

Number of plays: 54,681

Play 3D Micro Wars

#15: 3D Micro Wars


3D Micro Wars is an awesome war game, plain and simple. You'll be launched into a foray of enemy aircraft right from the get go, and you'll have to shoot your way out of a few hairy situations. The entire...

Number of plays: 53,301

Play Brian Damage : Infinite Slaughter

#16: Brian Damage : Infinite Slaughter


Brian Damage : Infinite Slaughter is one of the most entertaining shoot 'em up war games online simply because it does everything with a little bit of personality. The graphics are great - lots of blood, but not so much...

Number of plays: 51,580

Play Star Wings

#17: Star Wings


Star Wings is more than just another arcade war game based not so loosely on classic arcade games like Asteroids. That would be an insult to this game. What this game really is is an addictive, engrossing and fast paced...

Number of plays: 47,007

Play Gummy War

#18: Gummy War


If you've played any other war game before, then you'll know what to do in a game like Gummy War: shoot, shoot, and even if you think it's already dead, shoot some more. The enemies you'll be facing, the gummies,...

Number of plays: 43,909

Play Valkyrie: Battlefield

#19: Valkyrie: Battlefield


In Valkyrie: Battlefield you take on the role of a mechanical suit pilot that has the task of battling wave after wave and level after level of increasingly difficult enemies in an attempt to survive the war. It isn't an...

Number of plays: 40,664

Play Red Storm 2: Survival

#20: Red Storm 2: Survival


Red Storm 2: Survival is not a game for the newcomer to shoot 'em up war games that gets easily frustrated. For the beginner, this game is going to be extremely difficult. The controls are fairly standard so getting the...

Number of plays: 38,144

Play Palisade Guardian

#21: Palisade Guardian


Palisade Guardian is one of the most engrossing war games online simply because of the high level of difficulty it offers. The basic premise behind the game isn't really all that different from most of the other war games online....

Number of plays: 35,944

Play Island Colonizer

#22: Island Colonizer


Island Colonizer is an excellent shoot 'em up style action war game in which the island you love is under attack by colonizers who want to take control of the island and use it for their own greedy purposes. It...

Number of plays: 31,994

Play Champion Archer

#23: Champion Archer


Champion Archer is a war game featuring addictive gameplay and numerous upgrades. This war game utilizes stick figures and simple graphics, but the game is still well-designed and fun to play. The objective of Champion Archer is to win each battle...

Number of plays: 30,939

Play Palisade Guardian 2

#24: Palisade Guardian 2


Palisade Guardian 2 is the sequel to wildly popular World War II war game Palisade Guardian. It takes the solid foundation laid by the first game in the series and builds on it adding upgrades, more weapons and even more...

Number of plays: 29,147

Play Desert Rifle 2

#25: Desert Rifle 2


Desert Rifle 2 is the sequel to Desert Rifle. This iteration of the shooting game series features improved graphics, a greater variety of weapons, and longer gameplay. Desert Rifle 2 once again puts you in the boots of a special operations...

Number of plays: 28,619

Play Alias

#26: Alias


Alias is a two-dimensional shooting game with platforming game elements. This game is the first game of the Alias series and sets the precedent for subsequent games in the series. The objective of Alias is to pass through each level and...

Number of plays: 27,073

Play Tech Wars

#27: Tech Wars


Tech Wars, as it's simply called, is a war game that takes place in the future - where, apparently, it's hugely popular to have fights to the death (between ships) in arenas. You're a ship pilot, so it's up to...

Number of plays: 26,749

Play Dogfight 2

#28: Dogfight 2


Dogfight 2 is a singleplayer war game about dogfighting, as in planes battling each other in the air. You are a flying ace with several tricks up your sleeve and enough bombs and ammo to bring down a squadron of...

Number of plays: 26,542

Play Bunker - Survival

#29: Bunker - Survival


Bunker - Survival is one of the most fast paced, intense tower defense war games online. You are challenged to survive twenty-five waves of enemies that grow increasing more difficult and attack in greater numbers as you progress in the...

Number of plays: 25,546

Play Paper Warfare

#30: Paper Warfare


Paper Warfare is an entertaining shoot 'em up war game that is challenging enough to keep experienced war game players interested, but no so difficult newcomers to this genre won't want to continue playing. The premise of the game is...

Number of plays: 25,457

Play One Ton Gorilla Warfare

#31: One Ton Gorilla Warfare


One Ton Gorilla Warfare is a great action war game that will keep you playing level after level. The graphics are entertaining and the action is challenging enough to satisfy even the most experienced online war game player. This is...

Number of plays: 25,242

Play Ether War

#32: Ether War


Ether War is a flash game of epic proportions - in it you'll pilot a single ship that'll have to bring down a galactic alien army - headed by the ominous brood mother. Although the brood mother just may be...

Number of plays: 22,751

Play Galaxy Wars: For The Sake Of The Universe

#33: Galaxy Wars: For The Sake Of The Universe


In Galaxy Wars: For The Sake Of The Universe, you find yourself waking up in a world under attack and your only option is to get out. You are loaded into a ship that controls gravity and can help you...

Number of plays: 22,727

Play Treasure Of Cutlass Reef

#34: Treasure Of Cutlass Reef


In Treasure of Cutlass Reef, you are the captain of an infamous pirate ship with black sails, and like all pirates you are regularly on the bad side of rival pirates or European armada. The goal on Treasure of Cutlass Reef...

Number of plays: 21,051

Play Bulwark 53 - Part 2

#35: Bulwark 53 - Part 2


Bulwark 53 - Part 2 is the follow up and conclusion to the Bulwark story. Starting out, you'll make your way through a destroyed city - since, at the end of part 1, you escaped the Bulwark base. While it...

Number of plays: 20,560

Play Gun Master

#36: Gun Master


Gun Master is a frantic run-and-gun shooting game. The game features a variety of enemies, a decent arsenal, and endless action! The goal of Gun Master is simple: to survive as long as you can against a gauntlet of enemies. To...

Number of plays: 20,527

Play Orbital Decay

#37: Orbital Decay


Stranded in space, the Radiant Star is a ship controlled by AI, possessing a powerful weapon called the Ultragun, and can function without humans on board. Their mission is to retrieve the World Destroyer, the ultimate weapon, but things don't...

Number of plays: 20,371

Play Metal Slug Brutal 2

#38: Metal Slug Brutal 2


Metal Slug Brutal 2 is a two-dimensional, arcade-style shooting game, and is the second game in the Metal Slug Brutal series. Like its predecessor, this shooting game is heavily-based upon the popular Metal Slug arcade game series, and uses sprites,...

Number of plays: 20,075

Play Intrusion

#39: Intrusion


Intrusion is a run-and-gun action game. This platforming game features ragdoll physics, beautiful graphics, great sound effects, a variety of enemies, four different weapons, interactive environments, and addicting gameplay. The objective of Intrusion is to complete the game's five challenging levels...

Number of plays: 20,042

Play Vector

#40: Vector


Vector is an entertaining retro style shoot 'em up war game that feels an awful lot like Asteroids but more geometric and with better graphics. The premise of the game is simple and if you've ever played this type of...

Number of plays: 18,491

Play Enigmata

#41: Enigmata


FUN! If I'm allowed to pick only one word to describe this flash-based war game, FUN would be it. The game is one hell of a ride... PERIOD. There are tons of enemies to take out, there are tons of...

Number of plays: 18,192

Play Smileys War

#42: Smileys War


Smileys War is a two-dimensional shooting game that pits you in a deathmatch against one or more computer-controlled enemies. The game features simplistic graphics, and is very simple on the surface, but the game contains a plethora of unlockable stages,...

Number of plays: 17,421

Play Desert Rifle

#43: Desert Rifle


Desert Rifle is a shooting game with amazing graphics and gameplay reminiscent of the Time Crisis series of arcade shooting games. This shooting game also features a variety of weapons and upgrades. Desert Rifle puts you in the boots of a...

Number of plays: 17,054

Play colourPod 2: dimensionPod

#44: colourPod 2: dimensionPod


colourPod 2: dimensionPod is, without question, one of the most unique and engrossing online war games. It is difficult, engrossing and entirely addictive. You'll be drawn in from the very beginning and will want to keep playing again and again....

Number of plays: 16,975

Play Echoes: Operation Stranglehold

#45: Echoes: Operation Stranglehold


Echoes: Operation Stranglehold is a war game where you must lead humanity's resistance against hostile alien invaders. This war game features excellent graphics, a captivating storyline, and gameplay that mixes the styles of action games and real-time-strategy games. Since this...

Number of plays: 16,849

Play Mechanical Commando 2

#46: Mechanical Commando 2


Tyler's home planet is under attack by an organization with advanced technology and firepower known as the "Spectres", when his home city is under assault, he retreats to an abandoned building with a mecha, pilots it, and takes on the...

Number of plays: 15,816

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