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Play Kingdoms at War : Conquest!

#1: Kingdoms at War : Conquest!


Kingdoms at War : Conquest is one of the most addictive, most engrossing and most fully featured strategy based RPG war games online. Play with or against players from around the world as you try to build the most powerful...

Number of plays: 254,676

Play The Last Village

#2: The Last Village


The Last Village is one of the most intense and engrossing strategy war games online; challenging you to build the defenses you need to fight for your village while ensuring you produce enough resources to continue fighting. You have access...

Number of plays: 196,793

Play Castle Wars 2

#3: Castle Wars 2


The sequel to popular strategy war game, Castle Wars, Castle Wars 2 is an excellent game that took the foundation built by it's predecessor and made some incredible improvements. The game is every bit as entertaining and addictive as the...

Number of plays: 180,669

Play Crush the Castle 2

#4: Crush the Castle 2


The fun and challenge of Crush the Castle is back again with its excellent sequel Crush the Castle 2. This game picks up where the last one left off. You have defeated and captured Arcturia by crushing all of the...

Number of plays: 169,955

Play Renegade Commanders

#5: Renegade Commanders


Completely 3D, Renegade Commanders is a full scale RTS game with a lot of features you'd find in retail computer games. There's a skirmish mode you can choose to play if you don't want to follow the long campaign mode...

Number of plays: 154,792

Play Age of War 2

#6: Age of War 2


Building upon the strong foundation put in place by its predecessor, Age of War 2 is one of the most addictive and engrossing tower defense war games online. This one offers several improvements over the previous game, but doesn't lose...

Number of plays: 144,283

Play Heroes Battle 3

#7: Heroes Battle 3


Heroes Battle 3 is the third game in the Heroes Battle series of war games. The graphics, battling, and music of Heroes Battle 3 are the same as those featured in the war game's precursors, but there are changes...

Number of plays: 133,699

Play Portal Wars

#8: Portal Wars


Portal Wars is the closest thing to Smash Bros. you'll find in a flash game. In each mode of play - arcade, versus, and training - you'll be able to choose one character from the following: a ninja based on...

Number of plays: 119,446

Play Clan Wars: Goblin Forest

#9: Clan Wars: Goblin Forest


Clan Wars: Goblin Forest is an exciting and engrossing war game in which your primary objective is to fight off enemy Goblins who are trying to take your land and your throne. The story behind the game is really one...

Number of plays: 95,059

Play Castle Wars

#10: Castle Wars


Castle Wars is, without question, one of the best card based strategy war games online. It takes a little while to really understand how the game is played and to work out a winning strategy but once you do, you'll...

Number of plays: 81,921

Play Deeds of War RPG

#11: Deeds of War RPG


Deeds of War RPG is a lengthy, wide-scale war game where you're constantly embroiled in faction warfare: depending on what class you choose at the beginning of the game, you'll be involved with either the alliance or shadow runners, depending...

Number of plays: 79,604

Play Backyard Buzzing

#12: Backyard Buzzing


Backyard Buzzing is an entertaining tower defense war game with fun graphics and an interesting premise that offers a great alternative to the more traditional tower defense games online. It follows the same basic controls and the same basic rules...

Number of plays: 78,374

Play Territory War

#13: Territory War


Fans of turn based war games and stick games, lovers of games like Worms and Gunbound, here's a treat: Territory War! For those of you who are experienced in war games and turn-based games, you will surely find the starting...

Number of plays: 77,986

Play Siegius

#14: Siegius


A war game that plays much like the Epic War series. You play as one of three factions, the Romans, who have a strong hand with defensive capabilities and siege weapons, the Gauls who attack with brute force, and the...

Number of plays: 70,741

Play Armor Wars

#15: Armor Wars


Armor Wars is a card-based war game where you'll have to destroy, annihilate and eradicate any opponent that stands in your way. The card game itself is heavily reliant on resources - whoever has the most resources will be able...

Number of plays: 69,618

Play 1066

#16: 1066


Year 1066 - a year when men are men enough and soldiers are not afraid to stick their swords and spears into anything that moves. This is a war game that takes you to those good, old, and VERY bloody...

Number of plays: 63,071

Play Dutamasa Battle

#17: Dutamasa Battle


Dutamasa Battle is one of the most challenging and addictive card based strategy war games online. With a wealth of characters and spells to choose from the game is never boring; constantly forcing you to meet the increasingly difficult...

Number of plays: 61,949

Play Crush the Castle

#18: Crush the Castle


Crush the Castle definitely isn't your typical online war game. The unique premise, excellent graphics and challenging levels all combine to make an entertaining and engrossing war game unlike most of the other war games online. This game breaks away...

Number of plays: 57,435

Play Civilizations Wars

#19: Civilizations Wars


Civilizations Wars is one of the most engrossing RPG war games online simply because it really requires you to carefully plan your attack while also focusing on defense. It isn't an easy game and it only gets harder as you...

Number of plays: 57,331

Play Hex Empire

#20: Hex Empire


Hex Empire is a war game set on a hex-grid hence the name. Each tile on the board is a six-sided hexagon with six other hexes adjacent to it. The concept of the game is simple, the execution is not....

Number of plays: 56,269

Play Elite Forces: Warfare

#21: Elite Forces: Warfare


Like most other war games, you'll train, direct, and organize ground troops in Elite Forces: Warfare. But there's an added aspect to this game that sets it apart from a lot of other war games - you'll be able to...

Number of plays: 54,198

Play Desert Moon

#22: Desert Moon


A hybrid of elements from tower games and a good portion of war games - this is Desert Moon. OK, if you are one of those gamers who are quite sick and tired of the redundancy of tower games, don't...

Number of plays: 53,369

Play Epic War 5: Hell's Gate

#23: Epic War 5: Hell's Gate


Epic War 5: Hell's Gate is the fifth game in the Epic War series of war games. Epic War 5: Hell's Gate features the best graphics in the series to date, thirty new units, twelve main stages, eight extra stages,...

Number of plays: 49,639

Play Ageless War

#24: Ageless War


While most us want the detailed and ultra realistic graphics seen in modern games like Final Fantasy, Max Payne, etc., many of us still have that old school gamer in us... the one that goes giddy like a school girl...

Number of plays: 49,226

Play Age of War

#25: Age of War


Age of War is an addictive and engrossing war game that challenges you to protect your base from attacking enemy forces through five ages. While that basic premise if fairly common in the world of online war games, there are...

Number of plays: 46,726

Play Army of Ages

#26: Army of Ages


Army of Ages is a war game where players will take their armies from the stone age to modern technology and beyond. This strategy game features exceptional graphics, epic music, a plethora of units, fifteen achievements, and four difficulty levels. The...

Number of plays: 45,697

Play Epic War 2

#27: Epic War 2


The Epic War series is back with another war game based on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Unlike most of the sequels to popular war games online, Epic War 2 not only lives up to the rather lofty standards...

Number of plays: 43,742

Play Paper War

#28: Paper War


Combining unique gameplay elements with tower defense features, Paper War is one war game you'll want to beat. The game starts out relatively like any other tower defense game - you're up against a bunch of enemy runners, you'll be...

Number of plays: 42,504

Play Faction Wars

#29: Faction Wars


Faction Wars is a complicated, engrossing RPG war game that doesn't do anything halfway. The graphics are great. The controls are easy to understand and use. The quests are challenging but not so difficult a newcomer to RPG war games...

Number of plays: 40,997

Play Warlords 2: Rise of Demons

#30: Warlords 2: Rise of Demons


The Warlords series is back with Warlords 2: Rise of Demons and while the game remains very similar to the original - which is definitely not a bad thing - the improvements in this game make it not only a...

Number of plays: 40,894

Play SwordFall: Kingdoms

#31: SwordFall: Kingdoms


SwordFall: Kingdoms is a war game that plays like a smaller-scale version of Medieval: Total War. This strategy game features superb graphics, five nations, and four difficulty levels. The objective of SwordFall: Kingdoms is to conquer territories and establish your kingdom...

Number of plays: 39,655

Play Chaos Of Mana

#32: Chaos Of Mana


Chaos of Mana is a turn-based arena game; you'll have to fight your way through a litany of opponents, each stronger than the next, and you'll have to upgrade your skills and equipment if you want to survive the next...

Number of plays: 39,269

Play Battle Gear

#33: Battle Gear


Battle Gear is s game of war between two opposing sides, you have access to a large quantity of units and plenty of upgrades in order to crush the opposition. Battle Gear plays like many games in this genre, if...

Number of plays: 37,316

Play Zack's Hardware

#34: Zack's Hardware


Zack's Hardware is one of the most unique map based tower defense war games online simply because the story of the game is so unique. Instead of having to defend your tower against enemy soldiers or various ghosts and ghouls,...

Number of plays: 36,355

Play Battalion: Vengeance

#35: Battalion: Vengeance


Battalion: Vengeance is the final chapter in the Battalion series of war games. Battalion: Vengeance features the same graphics and gameplay that made its forerunners hits along with new maps and a brand new campaign. It should be noted that...

Number of plays: 35,594

Play Epic War 3

#36: Epic War 3


The third game in the Epic War series has taken the formidable foundation put in place by the first game and build upon it, making Epic War 3 not only a great addition to the series but a great addition...

Number of plays: 34,131

Play World Wars

#37: World Wars


A simple war game where territory is passed around like a basketball. World Wars is a luck-based turn-based strategy where you are up against up to six computer opponents in a massive free for all. On the battlefield, you are...

Number of plays: 33,241

Play Bug War 2

#38: Bug War 2


Bug War 2 is the second game in the Bug War series of war games. Bug War 2 features superior graphics and gameplay compared to those of its predecessor, twelve achievements, and three races the choose from. The objective of Bug...

Number of plays: 32,944

Play Elite Forces: Clone Wars

#39: Elite Forces: Clone Wars


Elite Forces: Clone Wars is an RTS war game with a very simple aspect of gameplay: it's all about spreading your troops. That's what it all boils down to - effectively distributing your troops. You'll start the game off, depending...

Number of plays: 32,559

Play Warlords: Call To Arms

#40: Warlords: Call To Arms


Warlords: Call to Arms is one of the most exciting and addictive war games online simply because it's challenging, detailed but not impossible to understand. There is a lot you need to consider when you're planning your battle strategy, but...

Number of plays: 30,370

Play Empire of the Galaldur

#41: Empire of the Galaldur


You are in a country with several kingdoms all thirsting for blood and power. Empire of the Galaldur is a real-time-strategy war game that also involves copious amounts of city management and resource management. Since the in-game tutorial is pathetic...

Number of plays: 28,875

Play Epic War 4

#42: Epic War 4


The fourth game in the Epic War series, Epic War 4 combines the best elements of its predecessors and adds a few new surprises to keep fans of the series playing and to make new fans for the series. While...

Number of plays: 28,660

Play Mothership Warfare

#43: Mothership Warfare


A game of interplanetary domination between multiple factions. You have a mothership, unlimited budget, and so does your enemy. Your task is to conquer all the planets one by one and be the supreme ruler. To achieve this, your units must...

Number of plays: 28,186

Play Colony

#44: Colony


Colony - nah, this isn't one of your average and run-off-the-mill war games. This is a war game that is 2 parts RTS (Real Time Strategy), one part tactical action, and showcases familiar elements of tower defense as well. In...

Number of plays: 27,676

Play Alexander the Great

#45: Alexander the Great


Alexander the Great is a war game that recreates the conquests of Alexander III of Macedon. Alexander the Great features a slew of enemies to conquer, ten types of units to dominate the battlefield with, and epic music. The objective of...

Number of plays: 27,248

Play Battalion: Ghosts

#46: Battalion: Ghosts


Battalion: Ghosts is the fourth installment of the Battalion series of war games. If you are a fan of the Nintendo Wars series of games, you may find this war game strikingly similar. This turn-based strategy game retains the charm...

Number of plays: 26,646

Play World Wars 2

#47: World Wars 2


World Wars 2 is a sequel to the war game, World Wars. This strategy game features improved graphics and AI over its predecessor, as well as the addition of cards that add an additional tactical edge to gameplay. Like its...

Number of plays: 26,557

Play Sieger

#48: Sieger


War games - when it comes to providing doses of destruction, this genre is the KING! Who doesn't love destroying stuff because he can? I'm sure all of us have a 5-year old kid in us who just loves to...

Number of plays: 25,906

Play Elite Forces: Warfare 2

#49: Elite Forces: Warfare 2


Elite Forces: Warfare 2 is a mix of warfare, tower defense, and insanity. There are maps where you'll have to direct ground troops in addition to placing towers, while other maps only consist of tower defense. Depending on what...

Number of plays: 25,769

Play Necronator 2

#50: Necronator 2


Necronator 2 is the sequel to the war game, Necronator. This strategy game does not retain the charming sprite graphics of its predecessor, and uses cartoon graphics instead. Necronator 2 also features epic music, a plethora of unlockables, and six...

Number of plays: 24,870

Play Phage Wars 2

#51: Phage Wars 2


Phage Wars 2 is one of the most unique, most addictive strategy war games online. It is a fast paced, intense game with simple controls and a rather simple premise, but those are the two factors that make the game...

Number of plays: 24,434

Play Lethal War Zone

#52: Lethal War Zone


Destroy the enemy using with whatever you have - this is your ultimate objective in this real-time strategy / war game - Lethal War Zone! BUT before you can dream about victory, you need to have a massive and powerful...

Number of plays: 24,377

Play World Domination

#53: World Domination


World Domination is a war game that parodies the political climate of the early 2000s. This strategy game features ten leaders, each parodies of real world leaders from the time period, great graphics, and all-mouse controls. Religions, extra units, and...

Number of plays: 23,864

Play Epic War

#54: Epic War


Epic War is an incredible 'Lord of the Rings' inspired war game that will keep you playing game after game. While the goal of the game isn't really that uncommon in the world of online war games, it still manages...

Number of plays: 23,547

Play Massive War

#55: Massive War


Massive War - this war game is set in the year 2082 when Earth is no longer a prosperous planet it once used to be. HOWEVER, don't let that deceive you. Earth still holds a very powerful military force. Other...

Number of plays: 23,475

Play Alexander: Dawn of an Empire

#56: Alexander: Dawn of an Empire


Alexander: Dawn of an Empire is a war game that allows you to recreate the conquests of the famed Macedonian general, Alexander the Great. This strategy game features excellent graphics, simple controls, and three difficulty levels. The objective of Alexander: Dawn...

Number of plays: 22,800

Play School Wars

#57: School Wars


School Wars is a real-time strategy game based on warring Japanese high school gangs. The game features simple graphics and sound effects, but can be quite addicting. Old-school gamers may find that the game sprites resemble isometric versions of the...

Number of plays: 22,150

Play Assault Fleet

#58: Assault Fleet


Assault Fleet is a real time strategy game taking place in outer space. Assault Fleet features simple, yet appealing graphics, great audio, simple controls, and a variety of units to unlock. The objective of Assault Fleet is to destroy enemy fleets...

Number of plays: 21,499

Play Eridani

#59: Eridani


Eridani is a real-time strategy game taking place in outer space. This war game features an easy-to-use interface, controls that are simple to learn, and thirteen sectors to conquer! The objective of Eridani is to conquer each of the thirteen sectors....

Number of plays: 21,382

Play Myth Wars

#60: Myth Wars


Myth Wars - this is one of those side-scrolling war games where the battle isn't decided solely on how powerful your weapons are (although that's still an important factor). In this strategy / war game adventure that pits the Medieval...

Number of plays: 21,342

Play Drone Wars

#61: Drone Wars


Drone Wars is a real-time strategy game in the style of StarCraft or Command and Conquer. This war game features crisp graphics, three gameplay modes, and eight challenging missions. Drone Wars features three gameplay modes: Arcade Mode, which is the primary...

Number of plays: 21,215

Play Heroes Battle 2

#62: Heroes Battle 2


Heroes Battle 2 is the sequel to the war game, Heroes Battle. Not much has changed in this sequel; the same graphics, music, and general gameplay from the first are present. The objective of Heroes Battle 2 is to wipe out...

Number of plays: 20,221

Play Dynasty War

#63: Dynasty War


Dynasty War is a war game based on the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. This strategy game features splendid graphics, numerous upgrades, eight achievements, and four campaigns. The objective of Dynasty War is to conquer China and become the new...

Number of plays: 19,938

Play WarLight

#64: WarLight


WarLight is a turn-based strategy game with gameplay similar to the classic board game, Risk. This war game features six campaigns and allows players to create custom campaigns on a variety of maps. The objective of WarLight is to conquer territories...

Number of plays: 19,746

Play GlueFO 3: Asteroid Wars

#65: GlueFO 3: Asteroid Wars


GlueFO 3: Asteroid Wars is one of the best arcade war games on the internet simply because it manages to be challenging without feeling impossible. Even when you lose a level, you feel that you were just about to beat...

Number of plays: 19,600

Play Rock and War

#66: Rock and War


Rock and War is a futuristic war game featuring cute cartoon graphics, awesome music, and simple, but addicting gameplay. This defense game puts you in command of an army that is trying to colonize an alien planet in order to...

Number of plays: 19,559

Play Castle Crusade

#67: Castle Crusade


A game of war between the red and blue kingdoms, in a race to see who can create the mightiest soldiers and archers. You play the blue kingdom and your enemy is the red kingdom. Generic huh? The battlefield in Castle...

Number of plays: 19,532

Play Heroes Battle

#68: Heroes Battle


Heroes Battle is a straightforward war game using characters and units from games produced by Belugerin Studios such as Age of Defense and Battle Gear. This strategy game features simple controls, epic music, and a variety of upgrades. The objective...

Number of plays: 18,892

Play Battalion: Nemesis

#69: Battalion: Nemesis


Battalion: Nemesis is the first game in the Battalion series of war games. This strategy game features graphics and gameplay similar to those of the Advance Wars series (also known as Famicom Wars or Nintendo Wars). Battalion: Nemesis places you in...

Number of plays: 18,620

Play Teelonians: The Clan Wars

#70: Teelonians: The Clan Wars


Teelonians: The Clan Wars is a war game that puts you in command of forces defending against a barbarian horde. This war game features cartoonish, stick-figure graphics, an engrossing backstory, and numerous upgrades. Teelonians: The Clan Wars puts you in command...

Number of plays: 17,885

Play Crimson Warfare

#71: Crimson Warfare


Crimson Warfare is a real-time strategy game featuring an easy-to-use interface, a variety of troop types, and straightforward gameplay. Although this war game's graphics are dated, its gameplay has passed the test of time. Crimson Warfare features both a campaign and...

Number of plays: 17,673

Play Subterfuge

#72: Subterfuge


Subterfuge is a turn-based strategy game that is similar to Stratego. This war game features simple controls, six unit types, and challenging gameplay. The objective of Subterfuge is to defeat the enemy leader while protecting your leader from enemy units. The...

Number of plays: 16,575

Play Necronator

#73: Necronator


Necronator is a war game that places you in the role of the commander of an undead army. Necronator features sprites graphics, MIDI-style music, and an easy-to-use interface. The objective of Necronator is to lead your undead hordes to victory by...

Number of plays: 16,224

Play Chroma Wars

#74: Chroma Wars


Chroma Wars is a futuristic turn-based strategy game. This war game features detailed graphics, numerous unit types and upgrades, and two difficulty levels (the hard difficulty level is not available in this version of the game). Each mission in Chroma Wars...

Number of plays: 15,648

Play Alienocalypse

#75: Alienocalypse


Alienocalypse is a unique war game that places you in command of an alien invasion rather than humanity's defense against aliens. This alien game features excellent graphics, a heart-pounding soundtrack, and twenty levels. Your ultimate goal in Alienocalypse is to destroy...

Number of plays: 14,849

Play Battle Stance: Human Campaign

#76: Battle Stance: Human Campaign


Battle Stance: Human Campaign is the first of the campaigns in the Battle Stance series of war games. Battle Stance: Human Campaign features epic music, superb graphics, and fifteen challenging battles. The objective of Battle Stance: Human Campaign is to find...

Number of plays: 13,031

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