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Play Battle Gear 2

#1: Battle Gear 2


Battle Gear 2 is an excellent online war game that offers something for every level of war game fan. It doesn't really break any new ground as far as war games are concerned but it offers more than enough to...

Number of plays: 241,031

Play Lone Defender: The Blitz

#2: Lone Defender: The Blitz


The goal of Lone Defender: The Blitz isn't terribly uncommon in the world of online war games and it isn't a complicated goal to understand. Your defenses are under attack from enemy aircrafts and you need to prevent them from...

Number of plays: 64,367

Play Tanks and towers

#3: Tanks and towers


Tanks and Towers is an excellent tower defense war game that charges you with the all important task of protecting your MCV from enemy attack while also trying to destroy your enemy's MCV. To do this, you need to build...

Number of plays: 61,764

Play Furious Tank

#4: Furious Tank


Furious Tank is an excellent action war game with great graphics, fast paced levels and easy to understand controls making it perfect for any fan of action war games regardless of skill or experience level. Newcomers to this genre of...

Number of plays: 26,066

Play Ether War

#5: Ether War


Ether War is a flash game of epic proportions - in it you'll pilot a single ship that'll have to bring down a galactic alien army - headed by the ominous brood mother. Although the brood mother just may be...

Number of plays: 22,592

Play Tank Destroyer 2

#6: Tank Destroyer 2


Sequel to Tank Destroyer, this time you have a slew of missions to tackle, and at times, you will have to get out of the tank (gasp!) and get your hands dirty to do it. The controls of Tank Destroyer can...

Number of plays: 21,014

Play Big Battle Tanks

#7: Big Battle Tanks


Big Battle Tanks is a tank game reminiscent of the Worms series of artillery games or the popular online game, GunBound. Big Battle Tanks features sprite graphics, destroyable terrain, a challenging campaign, and hot-seat multiplayer allowing up to five payers...

Number of plays: 18,758

Play Thanks Tanks

#8: Thanks Tanks


Design and build an army of tanks. You can bet that your enemy is going to do the same. You need to guide your tanks across the war-torn land, destroy every enemy unit in sight, establish dominion over fountains of...

Number of plays: 18,721

Play Tank Destroyer

#9: Tank Destroyer


The objective of this war game - Tank Destroyer, is very straightforward: you need to drive your tank around the map and destroy all hostile forces you see. HOWEVER, you can't do it if you are going at it alone....

Number of plays: 18,702

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