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Play Stick War

#1: Stick War


Stick War is a wildly addictive incredibly entertaining war game that will challenge you to lead the last clan of free-thinking stick men to victory over their oppressive foes. Gain new powers, mine for resources, build mighty armies and topple...

Number of plays: 190,602

Play Castle Wars 2

#2: Castle Wars 2


The sequel to popular strategy war game, Castle Wars, Castle Wars 2 is an excellent game that took the foundation built by it's predecessor and made some incredible improvements. The game is every bit as entertaining and addictive as the...

Number of plays: 180,570

Play Cool War

#3: Cool War


Although it's an unusual premise for a flash game, Cool War has a Cold War premise; the gameplay is an updated reboot of the classic Atari war game Missile Command. At the start menu, though, you'll be able to play...

Number of plays: 140,553

Play Genghis Khan

#4: Genghis Khan


Genghis Khan is perhaps one of the most addictive and intriguing strategy war games online. The premise of the game is simple, the controls are basic and the rules are easy to understand. Without a good battle plan, though, this...

Number of plays: 115,386

Play Sling Wars 2: Angels VS Demons

#5: Sling Wars 2: Angels VS Demons


Sling Wars 2: Angels VS Demons is a creative game, to say the least. At the start of the game, you'll have to pick a side - heaven or hell. With heaven, you'll control an old, squat angel that has...

Number of plays: 92,697

Play Semantic Wars

#6: Semantic Wars


Semantic Wars is unlike any other war game you've ever played. There is a fair amount of strategy involved, but there's also a puzzle element that you won't find anywhere else - you see, the main way to make money...

Number of plays: 92,296

Play The Battle

#7: The Battle


The Battle is an excellent, engrossing strategy war game in which you need to build and train your army to defend your fortress and destroy your enemy's fortress. You have only limited money which is provided by the oil well...

Number of plays: 88,257

Play Flash Conquerors

#8: Flash Conquerors


Flash Conquerors is an excellent strategy war game that challenges you to defend your castle and your towers by making smart strategic moves, building a strong army and making sure you don't run out of money. Like many other strategy...

Number of plays: 70,475

Play Last Command

#9: Last Command


Last Command is an entertaining and engrossing action based war game that sees you trying to defend your base against alien attack. There are five stages in this game that are set all across America with four waves of aliens...

Number of plays: 66,440

Play Warzone Tower Defense

#10: Warzone Tower Defense


Warzone Tower Defense is just what it sounds like - a tower defense game. In it, you'll have six maps to choose from (twelve if you count ground-only versions). In each map, you'll come across unique challenges, advantages, and disadvantages;...

Number of plays: 65,465

Play Horizon Of War

#11: Horizon Of War


Horizon of War is one of the best tower defense war games online. Challenging and engrossing, this game will keep you playing game after game. The premise couldn't be more simple, the graphics aren't over the top and the entire...

Number of plays: 63,156

Play Desert Moon

#12: Desert Moon


A hybrid of elements from tower games and a good portion of war games - this is Desert Moon. OK, if you are one of those gamers who are quite sick and tired of the redundancy of tower games, don't...

Number of plays: 53,213

Play Heliguardian War

#13: Heliguardian War


Heliguardian War is an excellent strategy based tower defense war game that has all of the features you've come to expect from this genre and so much more. With eight different types of helicopters and nineteen total upgrades this game...

Number of plays: 52,354

Play Knights Beasts & Magic 2

#14: Knights Beasts & Magic 2


Knights Beasts & Magic 2 is primarily a medieval war game. As the game progresses, it eventually turns into a battle between good and evil, since you'll be fighting off monstrous hordes, but you'll start the game in the southwest...

Number of plays: 48,896

Play Warzone Tower Defense Extended

#15: Warzone Tower Defense Extended


Warzone Tower Defense Extended is one of the most unique, engrossing and intense tower defense war games online. While it isn't necessarily what you would expect when looking for a tower defense war game it definitely won't disappoint. Instead of...

Number of plays: 47,155

Play Paper War

#16: Paper War


Combining unique gameplay elements with tower defense features, Paper War is one war game you'll want to beat. The game starts out relatively like any other tower defense game - you're up against a bunch of enemy runners, you'll be...

Number of plays: 42,447

Play Tech Wars

#17: Tech Wars


Tech Wars, as it's simply called, is a war game that takes place in the future - where, apparently, it's hugely popular to have fights to the death (between ships) in arenas. You're a ship pilot, so it's up to...

Number of plays: 26,589

Play BugWar

#18: BugWar


BugWar may seem like it has a simple premise, but when you get to its later levels, you'll see that it takes a lot of frantic, calculated clicking. You'll have to think out some of your strategies while you're playing...

Number of plays: 25,354

Play Battle for Alandria

#19: Battle for Alandria


Battle for Alandria is an epic war game that puts you in command of an elemental army in your quest to retake the lands of Alandria. This war game features a captivating backstory (although it is not necessary to pay...

Number of plays: 22,380

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