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Champion Archer Instructions

Champion Archer is controlled by using the keyboard and mouse. Move your archer by using the WASD keys. Use the mouse to aim your shot. Hold the mouse button to load an arrow, and release the mouse button to fire your arrow.

Champion Archer Walkthrough

Champion Archer is a war game featuring addictive gameplay and numerous upgrades. This war game utilizes stick figures and simple graphics, but the game is still well-designed and fun to play.

The objective of Champion Archer is to win each battle by helping your allied soldiers (the black stick figures) defeat the enemy forces (gray stick figures). To do this, you must kill enemies and avoid being killed yourself! If one of your soldiers reaches the right side of the battlefield, then you have won the skirmish. If one of the enemy units reaches the left side of the battlefield, then the battle is lost. Even if you die in battle, there is a chance that your allied soldiers might win the fight.

Between levels, Champion Archer gives you the opportunity to purchase upgrades to make things easier on the battlefield using money earned in the previous battle. Upgrades may not seem necessary at the beginning of this war game, but as the levels increase, and the difficulty ramps up, you'll be glad that you bought them! I advise buying the damage upgrade so that you can kill enemy soldiers faster, followed by the faster soldiers upgrade, that will make your soldiers spawn and move faster.

To become a master in Champion Archer, it is important to advance along with your computer-controlled allies. Although you cannot win the battle by moving to the right edge of the screen, being closer to your allies means that you can provide more support fire. It may be a good idea to keep firing arrows even when your soldiers have reached the edge of the map to make sure that the path is clear and victory is assured. Finally, scoring headshots is very helpful in this game, because not only do you score a one-hit kill, you also gain more money from headshot kills! Remember, that you only gain money from enemies that you kill, not from enemies that your allies kill.

Champion Archer is a simple, yet addictive war game. If you like stick figure games, shooting games, or war games, then you'll enjoy Champion Archer!