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Chaos Of Mana Instructions

Point and click with your mouse during turn-based battles to bash, confuse, and eliminate your opponent. Depending on what class you've chosen for your character, you'll either be able to cast spells, perform combos, or confuse your enemy. In between battles at the arena, you'll be able to purchase new equipment, learn new skills, and even gamble at llama races.

Chaos Of Mana Walkthrough

Chaos of Mana is a turn-based arena game; you'll have to fight your way through a litany of opponents, each stronger than the next, and you'll have to upgrade your skills and equipment if you want to survive the next battle. At the beginning of the game, you'll be able to customize the look of your character - and you'll always be able to choose a class. There's the warrior class, the mage class, and the charmer class.

Each class has its own perks and strengths, but you should try each one out until you've found one you're comfortable with. Once you enter Dark Arena City, it's time to start fighting - the first match you'll come across, against a trainer, will show you how the battle system works. When you're ready for a real match, head to the arena - and after you've (hopefully) won, spend your earnings on new equipment at the shop and new skills at the war guild.

Like any other war game, Chaos of Mana isn't as predictable as you think it'd be. The enemies you'll face in the arena may seem easy and even boring at first, but give the game some time, and the difficulty will really ramp up. And, unlike other war games, you'll be able to choose between executing or giving mercy to opponents you've beaten. It plays a role later in the game - and choosing one over the other will increase your good or evil aspect.

Overall, Chaos of Mana is a dynamic war game that you can play even if you don't have a lot of time - the game will save your progress, so don't worry about beating the game in one sitting - although it's probably possible.