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Civibattle Instructions

Civibattle is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to click on resources and swap them in the matching portion of the game. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface to purchase upgrades, train soldiers, and activate spells.

Civibattle Walkthrough

Civibattle is part puzzle game, part war game, and part civilization game. This war game features lovely music, impressive visuals, and innovative gameplay.

The objective of Civibattle is to defeat your foes on the battlefield and construct a grand civilization. The game is broken up into three sections: the upgrade section, where you may build buildings that will allow you to train different types of troops in combat, the global map, where you can see the advancement of your troops as you push onwards to sack the town of your enemies, and the battle section, where you attempt to collect resources and marshal your forces into battle.

Civibattle is a war game, but a great portion of the gameplay is similar to a match-three puzzle game. During every battle, you are presented with a grid of icons in the lower half of the screen. These icons represent resources. You must line these icons up in rows or columns of three or more by swapping one icon with a horizontally or vertically adjacent icon in order to match them. If you match three or more icons, these icons are removed, and that number of the corresponding resource is added to your resource pool. These resources are used to train troops for combat, as well as build upgrade structures back home.

Once you have completed the first puzzle game segment of Civibattle, and you have bought a barracks, you will be ready for your first real battle against the enemy. When you are fighting the enemy, a bar will appear above the battlefield. This bar, along with the adjacent number, represents the number of soldiers that are allowed to pass into that side's camp before they are defeated. Your objective is to use your forces (represented in red) to get to the far right side of the screen, while thwarting the enemy (represented in blue) from reaching the far left side of the screen. To do this, you must train troops by using the icons below the playing field, as well as gather resources using the puzzle game element to keep your forces in fighting shape! You do not need to worry about ordering specific units in combat, since they will fight against enemy units on their own, and continue to advance. Your focus as a commander is simply to provide resources for your army, and train enough troops to attack and defend!

Civibattle is a very large game, and contains numerous upgrades requiring plentiful resources. For this reason, I advise you to carry on some battles longer than you would need to in order to gather more resources, and to use as few soldiers as you possibly can in this war game. If you are able to save enough resources, you will be able to build more upgrades in your city which will allow you to field more powerful forces. The first upgrade that you should buy is the market, which will allow you to train the powerful hoplite troop type, as well as trade resources on a one-to-one ratio. If at any time you get fatigued from playing this massive war game, you may take a break and continue your game at a later date.

Civibattle is an innovating war game that has something for everyone. This game features combat, civilization building, and a puzzle game element that when combines, create a wondrous gameplay experience!