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Civilizations Wars Instructions

Click the building you'd like to use for an attacking using with the left mouse button. Hold the left mouse button down and drag your mouse to the building you would like to attack. Release the left mouse button to begin attacking the building. Select multiple buildings by clicking the first building you want to use for the attack with the left mouse button and dragging your mouse across up to fifteen buildings. Release the mouse button on the building you want to attack. Cast spells using either the mouse and the left mouse button or the number keys 1-0.

Civilizations Wars Walkthrough

Civilizations Wars is one of the most engrossing RPG war games online simply because it really requires you to carefully plan your attack while also focusing on defense. It isn't an easy game and it only gets harder as you progress, but the opening levels are easy enough that those that are new to the game will have the chance to learn how the game is played and get used to the controls. The tutorial level is a great idea, but it really just shows you the basics. To really learn the best way to get through the game you will need to play through a few times. You might suffer defeat but there is really no better way to learn. Each time you are defeated you learn a little more about what you're doing wrong and will be able to adjust your strategy accordingly. The best thing about the tutorial level is, however, that you're able to skip it if you're finding it isn't really offering much help or if you've already played the game a few times and simply want to start a new game.

The premise of Civilizations Wars is fairly basic. You need to face off against your enemy troops and try to take over their castle. Although the premise is basic, it is far from easy to accomplish your goal. You are given three races to choose from, each one offering 33 intense levels of game play and each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You will start with only one race unlocked. You will need to pass all 33 levels with that race before you can unlock the next race. For a real challenge try to beat all 33 levels with each of the races - 99 levels in total. It's hard to do and it will take time, but it's a great challenge for the experience RPG war game player who really wants to test their skills. There are 11 varieties of buildings in total to conquer, 10 different spells you can learn and use, 18 different skills you can use, 100 achievements to strive for, 8 game modes in total, and three huge monsters you need to defeat (one for each race). In other words, this game offers more than enough to keep you playing and keep you interested. That's what really sets this game apart from many of the other RPG war games online. A lot of thought was clearly put in to making this game as interesting and engrossing as possible. All of this combines to make one incredibly challenging and addictive game.

In Civilizations Wars, crystals are important so you need to collect as many of them as possible. Crystals are used for magic spells and are able to increase the speed of the troops you are using. The more people inside a building, the more crystals you will get so try to get more people inside the building. It's important to remember, though, crystals are not able to create people so plan your attack accordingly. Towers are also important in this game. The more people you have inside a tower the faster it can shoot, but, like crystals, towers are not able to generate people. Towers can increase the strength of your defense and also the strength your troops are able to attack with. Spells are an important part of this game as well, but they require a bit of work. You must learn spells in the skills menu (found on the right side of your map) and you must have crystal energy to learn spells. Gather crystal energy first, visit your map, choose 'skills' and learn spells to be able to use them in battle. They can help you significantly and are well worth the effort. Your spells are shown at the bottom of the screen in the yellow swirls. Click on one of the spells available to you and then click on the location you would like to use the spell on.

The key to really getting ahead in Civilizations Wars is to carefully chart your attack. Try to take over enemy towers first so you can get them working for you. Plan your attack taking your enemy's strengths and weaknesses into account as well as your own. As important as it is to capture their castle, it is equally important to ensure your castle is defended against being captured. Focus on how many troops you have and how many troops you need to take over each building. Attack aggressively but carefully. Misstep and your game could end quickly. This is especially true in later levels when the game gets even more difficult. This is a game that is all about strategy and planning. You need to focus on developing a good strategy but be willing to change that strategy depending on the challenge you are facing in each individual level. Also be sure to focus on getting crystals, learning spells and learning new skills. You need these things to advance in the game.

Overall, Civilizations Wars is a spectacular RPG war game that will have you hooked from the very beginning. If you're having trouble figuring out what's being asked of you, watch a walkthrough or play through the beginning levels a few times. This isn't a game you're going to immediately master. It will take time but it will also be worth it. This is an excellent game any one can enjoy.