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Clan Wars: Goblin Forest Instructions

Create and manage units by clicking game controls with the left mouse button. Scroll by clicking on the game screen and using the left and right arrow keys.

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Clan Wars: Goblin Forest is an exciting and engrossing war game in which your primary objective is to fight off enemy Goblins who are trying to take your land and your throne. The story behind the game is really one of the most appealing features so avoid the temptation to skip it. The intro is fairly short and well worth taking a few moments to read. Basically, there was a great battle between Orcs and Humans which has finally ended. The Hordes warriors disbanded and fled allowing the Goblins that were once slaves to the Orcs to go free. In their wake, they left a battle scarred wasteland, but the Goblins made the best of it by developing their own Strongholds and forming clans. The clans began to trade freely amongst each other and soon wealth and prosperity follow. The problem is that with prosperity comes greed. Goblin Clans begin to grow hungry for power and control leading some Clans to challenge other Clans for their land. You play as a Goblin Chief who has been approached with an offer from a neighboring clan - a treaty in exchange for your throne. You aren't a fan of the terms. You want to keep your throne. You refuse and the battle begins.

In truth, Clan Wars: Goblin Forest isn't really all that different from most of the other war games online even with the back story. You need to destroy your enemies and their Stronghold while defending your own. Your Stronghold is shown on the left side of the game screen (the tall, gray building with a red top) with it's health indicated by a green health bar toward the top of the building. If you allow that bar to empty completely, you will lose the game. In other words, you have to do everything in your power to defend that structure. On the far right of the screen (you'll need to scroll to see it) is the enemy's Stronghold. While defending your Stronghold is important, it is equally as important to destroy your enemy's Stronghold as that is how you win the game. Finding the right balance between offense and defense will take time, but it is the only way to successfully get through the game.

Gold is of vital important in Clan Wars: Goblin Forest, as it is in most online war games. You'll need gold (shown in the top left of your game screen) to upgrade your units. Upgrading your units is important. It makes them stronger and more effective in battle and will give you a much better chance of winning the battle. You'll also use gold to purchase upgrades for the turret or cannon on your Stronghold. When you begin playing, you have a basic cannon on your Stronghold which will help you during battles, but in order to make the most out of it, you will need to upgrade it. The basic cannon is great, but once upgraded, it can be one of your most powerful tools. It can help thin out the attacking army making it much more easier for your ground units to manage. You earn a modest income as you play allowing your gold supply to grow, but you will predominantly be earning gold by killing enemies. The closer you are to the enemy Stronghold when it is killed, the more gold you will earn for that kill. Also, unlike most other war games online, you also earn gold when your units are killed. Don't rely on that gold. Getting gold is great, but you need those units if you want to win.

In Clan Wars: Goblin Forest, killing Goblins close to your Stronghold not only earns you more gold, but it also increases your reputation (shown to the right of gold in the top left corner of the screen). Increasing your reputation is important as an increase in this area also means an increase in the modest income you earn that helps replenish your gold. To earn more reputation points, you need to avoid solely defending your Stronghold. Defense is important, but if you want to increase your reputation you will also need to attack your enemy. Reputation is a fairly good way to tell how your battle is going. If you're doing well, your reputation will be fairly high. If you're not doing well, your reputation will be lower. If you want to make it to the end of the game, you need to pay attention to your reputation which is something many players have a hard time with. Reputation isn't really something you'll find in most other online war games so most players won't be used to looking for it. Try to remind yourself it is important. You'll do a lot better that way.

Statistics and Experience (to the right of reputation) is important in Clan Wars: Goblin Forest because it helps you unlock new skills and new units. This is a fairly standard feature you would find in most of the other war games online. The difference between earning experience in this game and many of the other war games online is that your positioning when you make kills dictates how much experience you earn for that kill. As with gold, the closer you are to your enemy's Stronghold when you make a kill the more experience you will earn. This, once again, illustrates how important it is in this game not to rely entirely on defense. You need those new skills and new units to be successful in this battle, so make sure you do everything you can to earn them. You also need to keep an eye on your population cap (to the right of statistics and experience) because you can only manage so many Goblins. Watch the population to see how many Goblins you have in the battle and whether or not you have room for more.

The actual game controls in Clan Wars: Goblin Forest (shown at the bottom left of the game screen) are fairly self explanatory. If you're having trouble figuring out what controls you need to use and when to use them, take a moment or two to go through the tutorial. Using the controls is likely the easiest part of the game. Basically, you'll use the first icon to create units, the second icon to upgrade the cannon or turret on your Stronghold, the third icon to upgrade your units, the fourth icon to access any spells you have or any special skills you've unlocked, the fifth icon to access 'hero controls' and the sixth icon to access the game menu. Hero Controls are really the only option that will need a little explaining. Basically, you have to reach 6,000 experience to unlock the chief. The chief is the powerhouse in your battle arsenal; able to greatly tip the scales in your favor. You can rest your heroes by returning them to the Stronghold. They can rest until their health returns to one hundred percent at which point you can send them into battle again. Heroes can revive when they die but it takes a while so try to return them for rest before they are killed. Heroes can gain experience and level up making them stronger, more effective and more skilled.

Aside from your attacking enemies, you also need to worry about terrain in Clan Wars: Goblin Forest. This is also something that's fairly unique to this game as most of the other war games online have you fighting on level ground. In this game there are hills, valleys and bodies of water you will need to contend with. All of these things will effect how your soldiers perform. Watch the terrain and plan your attack accordingly. If you're not sure what you're going to face, remember you are able to scroll for a reason. Take a look over the battlefield and figure out the best course of action taking into account enemy soldiers as well as terrain.

Overall, Clan Wars: Goblin Forest is an excellent war game that offers something for every fan of war games regardless of skill or experience level. Because there are four difficulty settings - easy, normal, hard and impossible - you will be able to find the challenge you're looking for. The only downside of the game is that there is only one round but that round is going to be extremely difficult to get through. The key is to plan your waves of units carefully. Archers are great soldiers, but weak during direct battle. Send soldiers strong in melee style combat first and archers in second. Archers will be able to thin out the herd and make it more manageable for your melee soldiers. The easy skill level offers a fairly helpful tutorial so if you're having trouble, go back and check out the tutorial. If you have any experience with this type of war game, though, the tutorial likely won't be necessary. In the end, if you're a fan of war games, this is one that can't be missed.