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Clang of Swords Instructions

Clang of Swords is controlled by using the mouse. Click on units icons at the bottom of the screen to deploy them. Click on units names on the left side of the screen to heal them. Click on the icons near the base of your castle to deploy defenses.

Clang of Swords Walkthrough

Clang of Swords is a straightforward medieval war game. This strategy game features cute graphics, seven types of units, and five castles to liberate.

The objective of Clang of Swords is to free the land from the clutches of the Dark Lord (no, not Diablo). To accomplish this goal, you will have to march your forces into the Dark Lord's castle on each level, and prevent his forces from storming your castle. You do not have direct control over your units in this war game, however; you only have control over the deployment of units and defenses. To deploy units, click on the unit cards at the bottom of the screen. You can also heal units by clicking on their names on the left side of the screen. Keep your army large and healthy to crush your adversaries!

Knowing your units is crucial to success in Clang of Swards. Unit statistics can be viewed by clicking on the Units button on the main menu of this war game. Statistics are also displayed on unit cards in the game. Three units are always available to train (provided that you have the gold): Swordsmen, Archers, and (dismounted) Knights. Wizards, Horsemen, Lords, and Heroes may become available on the two random cards, but standard units may also appear. For this reason, it is best to train run-of-the-mill units from random cards in the hopes that the next unit that will appear will be a special one. A good overall strategy is to place powerful units like Horsemen, Heroes, and Lords at the front of your formation by training them first, then place ranged units such as Archers and Wizards behind them by training them last. This allows the powerful units to soak up damage and the ranged units to inflict more casualties on your enemies from afar.

Upon the completion of each level, you will earn points to upgrade your castle. To access the upgrade panel, click on your castle at the center of the level selection screen. If you wish to field a larger number of soldiers, it is a good idea to upgrade gold, but if you want to keep your soldiers in top fighting condition, it is best to upgrade mana. I prefer a balance between these two doctrines, so I split my upgrade points between gold and mana. Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade the statistics of your units in this war game.

Clang of Swords may be short in duration as far as strategy games go, but it is not short on quality gameplay. Get medieval on your enemies in Clang of Swords!