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Colony Instructions

Colony is one of those strategy and war games that comes with a very simple and easy to use control scheme and interface. You can go ahead and point-and-click your way through the entire game. Just click and drag if you want to highlight a couple of units. From there, you can easily issue actions and commands using the buttons right below the screen. As your skills advance and you realize that in war games like this, time is of GREAT essence, you will find using your keyboard allows you to get the job done faster than your mouse. You can use hotkeys like A and D to scroll across the battlefield to the left or right. Another useful hotkey that you want to learn how to use is the X button. This rallies your forces and forces them to go outside of the base once they are trained or created. I HIGHLY recommend consulting the in-game instructions and tutorial to know MORE about these hotkeys and what exactly they do. Now that we are done with the controls department, let's have a closer look at the game.

Colony Walkthrough

Colony - nah, this isn't one of your average and run-off-the-mill war games. This is a war game that is 2 parts RTS (Real Time Strategy), one part tactical action, and showcases familiar elements of tower defense as well. In simpler terms, there's nothing quite like it out there. Meshing of different game genres is a hard thing to pull off for developers of free and flash based online games. BUT the creator of Colony - Jakrin "Krin" Juangbhanich, did EXCELLENTLY.

Yes, folks. You have read that right. This is one of those war games brought to use by the fantastic Krin, the same guy who developed and created the VERY successful Sonny series. What made Colony stand out from other war games is that it draws inspiration from several genres, which ultimately brings us a multi-faceted game play. Fans of tower defense, real time strategy war games, and tactical games will surely dig this.

As for the plot, it's not mind bending or complex. Nah, it's NOT thick. It's the usual story of 3 different armies or factions fighting against each other (StarCraft fans, does this sound familiar?), and you need to pick a side. In Colony, the 3 races or factions to choose from are: Capitalists, Communists, and Fascists. Each and every one of these armies have their own story, and you can play through them in the campaign mode. Along with that, each of them comes with an inherent capability that other races don't have. For example: when it comes to producing resources, the Capitalists race is on top of the food chain. I HIGHLY recommend that you check out the bonuses along with the inherent strengths and weaknesses of every army. Just check out the start of every race's campaign. This should allow you to 'weigh' and feel which army you will be more comfortable with.

As usual, every army and race comes with a wide array of units. You will start off with the usual soldier, the most basic unit. You can use it for different purposes: scouting, as cannon fodder, rush attacks, and those are just to name a few.

The goal in Colony is straightforward: you have your base, the enemy has their own, and you need to obliterate theirs before they nuke the hell out of yours. Getting the job done, however, is a different story.

One thing that I REALLY love about this game is that, even in the single player mode, it's still a multi-player based game! What exactly am I talking about? Check this out: the AI serves as your ally. You need to collaborate with the AI units to destroy the enemy base. To make the deal even sweeter, you get to communicate with the AI. This takes the game play to a different level, somewhere where other flash based war games haven't treaded to.

Talk to the AI through chat and they will respond. They will tell you which units from the enemy base pose the BIGGEST threat. They will even tell you their name and age if you ask them. It's NOT every day that you see a game which has a game play as unique as Colony's.

Well, I could take all day about how fun playing Colony is, BUT I don't think that will excite or thrill you so much. Here's what: see for yourself. Play Colony NOW. Trust me, you will thank me for it.