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Cool War Instructions

Point and click with your mouse to launch anti-ballistic missiles that will destroy enemy fire. Right where you click is the point where the missile will explode. Try and hit enemy planes, but be sure to look out for special missiles - nukes drop faster than other projectiles and do the most damage. Depending on the state of your cities, you'll either get a lot of ammo back or very little. In between rounds, upgrade the blast radius, warhead strength, or speed of your missiles.

Cool War Walkthrough

Although it's an unusual premise for a flash game, Cool War has a Cold War premise; the gameplay is an updated reboot of the classic Atari war game Missile Command. At the start menu, though, you'll be able to play as the U.S. or Russia (it doesn't affect gameplay besides the difference in city buildings). Once you start the game, you'll see the capitol building (if you chose the U.S.) and four surrounding cities. Almost immediately, you'll notice that missiles are coming down from the sky.

So, using your mouse, click accurately and quickly below these incoming missiles. That way, the anti-ballistic missiles you're firing will nail them head-on, solving your problem. But it's not that easy - although the first level may be; planes will start appearing after a couple of levels, and nukes will start showing up.

You'll have to pay special attention to nukes and get rid of them as soon as you see them - they drop faster than regular missiles, because they're bigger, and they cause a lot more damage; because they're much stronger. In this war game, one direct hit can level a city, so don't let them get close. As long as you choose your missile upgrades carefully, you should be able to win the war game between the U.S. and Russia - but oncoming levels will bring even newer enemies and projectiles.

Overall, Cool War is a great update on an old game - Missile Command. There are more than a few new twists and turns, which is always a plus, and the gameplay is still as addicting as ever. For added fun, see how many missiles you can launch at once.