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Crush the Castle Instructions

Begin launching trebuchet by clicking with the left mouse button anywhere on the game screen. Release the projectile by clicking with the left mouse button anywhere on the game screen. Choose the projectile by clicking the icon with the left mouse button. View castle using the left and right arrow keys. Reload the trebuchet by clicking with the left mouse button.

Crush the Castle Walkthrough

Crush the Castle definitely isn't your typical online war game. The unique premise, excellent graphics and challenging levels all combine to make an entertaining and engrossing war game unlike most of the other war games online. This game breaks away from the predictable premise you get with most of the combination and offers something fresh and new. Instead of trying to defend yourself against wave after wave of attacking enemy troops, your goal here is pretty simple; take out all of the enemies in and around the enemy castle. In that way, it's pretty similar to the other war games online. The difference is how you take out those enemies and the fact that they aren't attacking you. Instead, they're simply standing in place. It might seem like that would make things easier, but that isn't the case at all. To win this game you will need to carefully time your shots and pay attention to the positions of your enemies. This is a difficult game of careful thinking and strategy. If you're looking for something different but not completely outside of the war games genre, this is the perfect game for you.

In Crush the Castle, you are challenged to use a trebuchet (somewhat similar to a catapult) to launch a variety of different projectiles at your enemy's castle. As the castle collapses, your enemies will perish. Kill all of the enemies and you'll progress to the next level. You only have five shots to accomplish your goal so it's important to time your shots carefully. In this game, you aim your shot by choosing when the projectile is released by the trebuchet. The point of release will determine where the projectile will impact the castle. If you want a lower shot that will impact closer to the trebuchet release the projectile on the downswing. For more height, release the projectile on the upswing. Remember though, more height is not always a good thing. Too much height might make for a shorter distance traveled. Consider the type of projectile you're using when timing your shot. Different projectiles behave differently so you'll need to adjust your shot accordingly.

The different types of walls and floors in Crush the Castle are going to be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in this game. Luckily, as you progress you'll unlock new projectiles to use that can help you deal with the different building materials. You start off with a single small boulder. Small boulders are a great weapon and will be enough to get your through the first levels in the game, but they're of limited use in later, more difficult levels. As you progress, you'll unlock a triple shot of small boulders. This allows you to fire a bundle of three small boulders that will separate in the air; increasing the range of impact. Next you'll unlock medium boulders, large boulders and finally bombs. Each new type of projectile will also be followed by a triple bundle of that projectile. For example, the medium boulder will be followed by unlocking the triple bundle of medium boulders. After that, you will unlock the large boulder and then a triple bundle of large boulders and so on ending with a triple bundle of bombs. Triple bombs are, by far, the most effective weapon you'll have in the game. Bombs inflict a fair amount of damage to begin with. Add to that the wider range of impact and you have a highly effective weapon.

The key to doing well in Crush the Castle is to focus on timing your shot. In the beginning levels, that isn't as important but the later levels will require you to time your shots almost exactly. If you fail to do so, you will fail the level. The great thing about this game is that you have an unlimited amount of attempts to use to complete each level so even if you have to start over multiple times, you'll still have the chance to beat it without having to start over from the beginning of the game. More experienced players are going to love this because the beginning levels are likely going to be a bit on the easy side. Not having to replay them over and over is definitely appealing. It's also important to remember that certain projectiles are heavier than others which will effect the proper timing of their release. You need to take that weight into account when you are taking your shot. Bombs are fairly light weight and can travel a fair distance, so you have to be careful not to overshoot the castle. In addition, small boulders will have little to no effect on stone walls and floor, so you have to consider the type of building materials you're up against when you're planning your shot. Bombs work well on everything, so they're a good fall back weapon.

Overall, Crush the Castle is an engrossing, addictive and difficult war game that will keep you playing level after level. You'll not only want to beat a level so you can move closer to winning the game, but you're also going to want to beat a level just to see what the next level holds. That's really what makes this game so addictive. Although at twenty-four levels this game is one of the longer war games online it avoids becoming boring or stale simple because you never know what's coming next. This game also offers a great Build Your Own Castle level that gives you access to all of the building materials used in the game as well as all of the characters you'll be trying to take out and allows you to create your own level. This gives you the chance to try out different things and make a castle that's as easy or as hard to destroy as you want. If you are a fan or war games, this is one you simply must play. You'll have a blast and even though you may get frustrated, it will keep you coming back for more.