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Crush the Castle 2 Instructions

Begin launching trebuchet by clicking with the left mouse button anywhere on the game screen. Release the projectile by clicking with the left mouse button anywhere on the game screen. Choose the projectile by clicking the icon with the left mouse button. View castle using the left and right arrow keys. Reload the trebuchet by clicking with the left mouse button.

Crush the Castle 2 Walkthrough

The fun and challenge of Crush the Castle is back again with its excellent sequel Crush the Castle 2. This game picks up where the last one left off. You have defeated and captured Arcturia by crushing all of the castles and killing all those who dared stand in your way; all at the the request of the Redvonian King. Wouldn't you know it though? That blood thirsty, power hungry King just isn't satisfied. He needs to rule more. He needs more castles to crush which is actually a pretty good thing. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a second part in this entertaining war game series. This time around, you'll be entering Crushtania - a cluster of islands ruled by King Blutias. The castles that have been constructed there are sturdier then those in Arcturia and will therefore be harder to crush. Having proved yourself capable of toppeling an entire empire, you have been sent to Crushtania along with the King's finest mason, Halgrim, to take down Blutias' empire and secure victory for your King. That task is much easier said than done.

Crush the Castle 2 takes the solid foundation created in the first game and builds on it to make this one of the most entertaining and engrossing war games online. Not only are the levels more difficult than those of the first game, but the projectiles you're given to fire from your trebuchet have been enhanced. The graphics are better as well which is fairly impressive considering how good the graphics were in the original. You can adjust the graphics quality in game (click the menu button at the bottom right corner of the screen and lower the quality from there) if you find the game is glitching or lagging. The game will still look great on a lower setting but it will play much more smoothly on slower computers. In addition to better graphics, harder levels and new projectiles you can use to destroy things, this game has also added an excellent story that makes the game so much more engrossing. Take the time to read the story. You'll find yourself even more interested in the game.

Crush the Castle 2 is played exactly the same way as the original game, so if you've beaten the first game, you should have little trouble getting the hang of the controls in this one. It isn't easy to beat this one, even for experienced war game players or those who have experience with the first game in the series, but if you've played the original, you will be at a slight advantage here. If you're a newcomer to war games and find this one a bit complicated, give the first game a try. It's a bit easier so you'll have the chance to hone your skills and get used to how the game is played thanks to the slightly easier levels. Even more experienced war game players that skipped the original and dove straight into the second installment may want to go back to the first and play through the game because this is far from the typical war game so the skills you're used to using will be of little use here.

Crush the Castle 2 is all about timing much like the first game was. While in most war games, you use your mouse to aim and shoot enemies as they attack you, this game does things a little differently. You are given a trebuchet you will load with projectiles that you will then fire at your enemy castle. In order to progress to the next level, you will need to kill all of the enemies standing in and around the castle. No one can be left alive. In order to get your shot, you will need to time the release of the projectile exactly as that is the only way you have to control where the shot ends up. Unlike the first game, you have unlimited shots from the trebuchet to take out all of the enemies, but you get a bonus if you can complete the level within the 'gold' number of shots. For the first few levels, you'll get gold if you complete the level in one shot. That can be pretty hard to do, but more experienced players are going to love the challenge. For newcomers, it might be better to stick to just trying to complete the level instead of trying to get gold.

The 'castle builder' option has been carried over into Crush the Castle 2 from the first game which was definitelty a great move on the part of the game's creators. The castle builder option was one of the biggest things that set the first game apart from most of the other war games online. In builder mode, you are given the chance to build a castle that is as easy or as hard to destroy as you want it to be. This is a great way for newcomers to hone their skills and also allows you the chance to get more familiar with the different types of building materials you will encounter. When it comes time to test your castle, you will have all of the projectiles the game offers available to play with, so you can test out those projectiles on different types of building materials to see what works best. If you're having trouble with a specific kind of challenge, recreate in build mode and give yourself the chance to practice. Try different projectiles and see what is most effective. Once you've figured that out, you can return to the game and put that knowledge to good use. In addition to the regular game and the castle builder option, Crush the Castle 2 also offers 'People's Empire'. People's Empire allows you to test your skills by trying to destroy other user created castles. The castles created by other players range in difficulty from extremely easy to nearly impossible so once you've beaten the game, give some of the user created castles a try and see how you do.

Overall, Crush the Castle 2 is an engrossing and addictive online war game that will challenge and entertain you at the same time. You'll want to keep progressing level after level not only to beat the game but also just to see what the next level holds. New projectile types, new obstacles and a steadily increasing difficulty level ensures the game feels fresh and new from beginning to end. If you want to do well in this game, you have to remember that each new projectile you unlock will have a different weight than the previous projectiles and will perform better against certain types of building materials. Take the weight into account when you are preparing to release your projectiles. You'll also need to choose what projectile you want to use carefully. Look at the type of building materials the castle you need to destroy is made of and choose your projectile based on that. This is a must play war game for any fan of the genre regardless of skill or experience level and it one that will keep you entertained level after level and game after game.