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Deeds of War RPG Instructions

Control your knight, wizard, or ranger with the WASD or arrow keys. When you need to use an energy or health potion, hit either the Q or E keys; hit the 1-6 number keys to cycle through your special attacks. To attack an enemy, click with your mouse when you're immediately near them. Once you've gained a level, increase your stats at the character menu and increase your skills with a trainer in a city. Depending on your ratings with certain factions, you may or may not be able to accept certain quests in this medieval RPG war game.

Deeds of War RPG Walkthrough

Deeds of War RPG is a lengthy, wide-scale war game where you're constantly embroiled in faction warfare: depending on what class you choose at the beginning of the game, you'll be involved with either the alliance or shadow runners, depending on the alignment of your character; the brigands or the merchants, and faction the corresponds to your class (the blades, rangers, wizards).

Though you'll actually start out neutral with all factions, it only takes a few quests to start picking sides. Once you've gotten control of fighting monsters and purchasing items, it's a good idea to start picking sides. A good character will side with the alliance, which offers quests directly south of town, while a shadow runner can look for quests north of town. Other factions will approach you as the game goes on, but a good way to find them is to simply look at the world map - it's gridded, and almost every grid square has an occupying faction that you can visit.

The best way to gain experience and earn gold is to complete quests; most of them will have you killing enemies from other factions, or recovering lost items. Every so often a quest with an accompanying dungeon will come along - where you'll usually have to face a boss. Bosses are much more difficult to kill than regular creatures, so it's a good idea to stock up on potions and brand new equipment before you attempt to take them out.

Overall, you don't usually find a war game as fun as Deeds of War RPG - the map is absolutely huge and there are lots of factions to pick and choose. It's a long war game you can eventually complete, thanks to the nice in game autosave feature.