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Desert Moon Instructions

Aside from your mouse (which is used for installing defenses and units), there are a couple of hotkeys you should know about if you want to last long in this war game. To construct weapons and use support power, use the number keys 1 to 6. On the other hand, if you think you placed a supportive unit on the wrong place, just cancel the placement with the Space Bar button. All set for battle and can't wait for the creeps to arrive? No problem. Simply pressing the W button will start the wave. Holding down the E button, on the other hand, allows you to view the firing lines while the R button is for recycling weapons. Should you need to pause the game for some reason, just press Q. It will bring up the Menu, and just press Q again to get back into the game.

Desert Moon Walkthrough

A hybrid of elements from tower games and a good portion of war games - this is Desert Moon. OK, if you are one of those gamers who are quite sick and tired of the redundancy of tower games, don't fret. Desert Moon is one of those tower game and war games hybrid that showcases enough enhancements to keep things interesting.

One thing I like about Desert Moon is the difficulty ramp. The beginning stages of the game do a nice way of toning the challenge down to keep the starting players interested in the game. As you progress, though, things get harder and harder. Now, don't worry. While the final battles are challenging, it's far from impossible. They will be hard fought, BUT ultimately, they are won.

As far as plot and background, it's not thick or deep. There are no surprising twists or shocking revelations that will drive you on the edge of your seats. It's the usual sci-fi and war games story: your ship crash landed on an 'abandoned' planet. You and your crew, however, don't know that this is NOT an abandoned planet. Yes, you have company. Unfortunately, your company is NOT friendly. They are not going to sign that peace treaty with you. They are interested in one thing though: to turn you and your men to lunch.

What's worse is that you are NOT soldiers. You are engineers, and you don't have even the slightest idea how to load and fire a gun. The good news, however, is that there are tons of spare parts to use for building your defensive line. Choose your parts, and start building. And you better do it fast. You will face different enemies along the way. Let's take a closer look at some of them:

The Runner: These beasts are encountered on your first day of 'stay' in the unknown planet. Some of you might look at them as cannon fodder, BUT they are the backbone of the entire meat-eating alien horde. They come in numbers and that could be a problem. About 6 of them rush altogether per wave. Their weakness, however , is that they are very easy to take down. 2 shots from a Nail Gun and BAM! They are down for the count.

The Bursters: I'm not sure which part of the planet these guys came from, BUT I have this feeling that they are from the Afghanistan-counterpart of the planet. They are the suicide bombers... always ready to sacrifice their lives to break your defensive lines. When other units are caught inside the blast radius, they are killed, too. Make sure you kill them from a distance, which can be easily done with a Nail Gun.

The Hunters: These guys are encountered during the third day. Their name is very apt - these guys sure know how to hunt. They will burrow underneath where they are invulnerable from fire. Using this ability to their advantage, they will only spring up to attack when they are close. HOWEVER, Hunters are very vulnerable to fire. Use the good and old flamethrowers. That should toast them!

The Infected: So you are good enough to survive until day 4? Good, be prepared for your next 'guests' - the Infected. They are slow. BUT don't let that deceive you. Their beefy HP and sheer numbers can overwhelm you if you are not ready. Serving as the meat shield of the horde, they will absorb A LOT of damage, allowing other faster and deadlier units to get close and do their job.

Just what on earth could engineers do against those guys? Engineers, on their own, can't do a lot. BUT when they have flamethrowers, nail guns, fuel launchers, beam cutters, and more, it's a different story. Are you strong and cunning enough to survive a '5-day vacation' on that wretched planet? It's time to find out. Play Desert Moon NOW!