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Desert Rifle Instructions

Desert Rifle is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use you mouse to aim and shoot. Lower your mouse to hide or to bring up the interface to change weapons. The R key is used to reload. The number keys are used to detonate mines. The C key is used to open the upgrade menu. You may pause the game by pressing the P key.

Desert Rifle Walkthrough

Desert Rifle is a shooting game with amazing graphics and gameplay reminiscent of the Time Crisis series of arcade shooting games. This shooting game also features a variety of weapons and upgrades.

Desert Rifle puts you in the boots of a lone soldier performing a diversionary mission to draw enemy attention away from the main strike force. In order to accomplish your mission objective, you must survive against waves of enemy soldiers and hold your position for six days. You must do combat with the enemy for one minute and thirty seconds each day. After each day, the enemy will send more and more dangerous soldiers after you, but you will also be able to purchase weapons and landmines to help you to hold your ground.

Desert Rifle is very similar to the Time Crisis arcade game series. Like Time crisis, you may hide to avoid taking damage by hiding. To hide, simple move your mouse toward the bottom of the screen. When hiding, you will automatically reload your weapon. You may reload manually at any time by pressing the R key, but it is advisable to hide before reloading in this shooting game. While hiding, the clock does not tick down, however, so you cannot just hide under your sandbags to pass the time.

Desert Rifle also features an experience system. Your current experience is represented by a blue bar beneath the green bar that represents your vitality. When the blue experience bar is filled, you level up, and you will be able to choose one upgrade for your soldier. I advise buying the Resistance or Regeneration upgrades, because you will need all of the health you can get to stay alive in this shooting game.

Desert Rifle is a shooting game that becomes very challenging very fast. Be sure to place mines on the field to help you to deal with large groups of enemies. Note the position of enemies relative to your mines by using the radar screen to the right of the game. To inflict maximum damage, detonate your mines while there are multiple enemies in their vicinity. Be sure to take cover in this shooting game. Taking cover can give you the opportunity to reload your weapons, and regenerate a bit of your health without the risk of being shot. Finally, if the game still proves to be too challenging, you may select and easier difficulty level from the main menu.

Desert Rifle is an action-packed Flash shooting game that you can play from the comfort of your own home. You might not have a light gun, but you will still have a blast playing Desert Rifle.