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Dogfight 2 Instructions

Arrow keys change the direction of your plane, spacebar fires and Z drops bombs.

Dogfight 2 Walkthrough

Dogfight 2 is a singleplayer war game about dogfighting, as in planes battling each other in the air. You are a flying ace with several tricks up your sleeve and enough bombs and ammo to bring down a squadron of pilots who want you dead.

Dogfight 2 is very simple to get into but also requires a high degree of skill. Enemies will shoot you down every chance they get and it's multiple planes against one, and some can fire in multiple directions regardless of their orientation to make your life even more Hellish in the sky.

However, as an ace pilot you have multiple tricks up your sleeve called Ace Tactics. If you do one of these tricks, then your enemies will be confused for a short period of time and they can all be pulled off with a second's notice.

The first trick in Dogfight 2 is accomplished by flying into a cloud in the sky. The others can be done on any map, doing a loop, flying low to the ground, or a steep dive can trigger an Ace Tactic but you can only use each Ace Tactic once per stage so pick them wisely.

The more stages you complete in succession, the larger your score multiplier, and if you are shot down, the multiplier is reset. The game can be difficult compared to most war games where it's your army against their army, but skill is rewarding in Dogfight 2.

Tips: You think normal enemies are hard? Enemy Ace Pilots are even more brutal with better AI and firepower, take them down first.

A risky but rewarding tactic is to fly upwards and drop bombs right on top of pursuing enemies.