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Dutamasa Battle Instructions

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to select and use cards.

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Dutamasa Battle is one of the most challenging and addictive card based strategy war games online. With a wealth of characters and spells to choose from the game is never boring; constantly forcing you to meet the increasingly difficult challenges put before you. The battles start off fairly easy; allowing you to get used to how the game is played but never being so easy that you find it boring or won't be required to think about every move you make. The story of the game is intriguing and well worth checking out. Basically, a master criminal has gone back to the Stone and Middle Ages to take dark forces from the past and bring them to the future to try to rule the world. This master criminal has built a time machine called a turanggamasa which is what he is using to travel to the past. Luckily, the police also have a turanggamasa so they travel to past as well. The bad news is, however, their turanggamasa is broken. The goal now is to defeat the time traveling criminal and take his time machine to not only prevent him from getting his dark forces back to the future but also to ensure their own journey home. You are enlisted to help. That's the basic premise. It sounds a bit complicated but in truth, the game can be a bit complicated as well. That's what makes it so challenging. That's also what makes it so much fun.

On the right side of the screen in Dutamasa Battle you will see a list of blue buttons. These are the buttons you will use to play the game. 'Battle' offers you fifty challenging levels of battling action. You do battle using different character cards and spells. There are twenty-two unique characters and each one has different spells they are able to cast; thirty spells can be cast altogether. There are two important factors you need to be aware of to play each card; your Prada points and your taranggamasa level. Each character card requires a certain number of Prada points and a certain turanggamasa level. Your Prada points and your taranggamasa level is shown at the top left of the battle screen. Your Prada points will go down for every card you play, however you will also gain Prada points as you do battle. Your taranggamasa level will improve as you win battles. As you level up, you will unlock new cards you can use in battle. Every time you lose a battle, however, you will also lose that character card so be careful. You are able to revive characters who have been defeated but you will need to sacrifice a turanggamasa level to do it. It can be worth it if the defeated warrior is particularly strong.

Each turn in battle in Dutamasa Battle will require you to cast a spell. Spells are your moves, more or less. In order to cast a spell, you must have the minimum amount of power required to cast that spell. Each character has a different card which offers all of the information you need to know about that character. The cards are pretty easy to understand for experienced players of this sort of game but for someone who isn't used to playing card war games, the cards might be a little confusing. At the very top of the card you will see two bars; one red and one blue. The red bar represents that character's life while the blue bar represents that character's power. The picture on the card shows you what the character looks like as well as what action is performs. At the bottom of the card you'll see three numbers. The first number (on the far left) indicates the strength of that character's attack. If that number is a one, for example, that character can deliver one hit point during battle. Next to that, you'll see the turanggamasa level that is needed to use that card and finally, on the far right you have a number that indicates that character's defense. That number tells you how strong the character is and how much damage they are able to take during attack before being destroyed.

The second option you have from your main screen in Dutamasa Battle is 'Train'. The best thing about the training option is that you are able to increase the level of each of your character cards without the risk of losing a card in battle or giving up Prada points. In training, you can play any card you've unlocked without worrying about losing. Your goal is to strengthen your cards and get more familiar with battles before you actually begin risking losing your cards. The best thing about training is that you can return to it at any time. If you're having trouble with a level, you can go back to train more to increase your chances of getting through battle. In both training and battle mode, you can choose from a variety of available cards to either train or do battle with. If you want to know more information about the card before you choose it, you can simply hover your mouse over it. All of the information you need will be displayed. Each character is unique. They have their own attacks, defenses, and rates of power regeneration. They all start out at level one, but as you train they can reach higher levels. As they level up the basic stats of the character will increase as well making them much better for battle. Training is key in this game. Don't skip it and jump right into battle or you won't make it very far. Selecting a card for battle or for training is the same. Simply click on the card you want to use and then click yes. If you've selected the wrong card, click no, and choose the card you would rather use.

Your training battles and real battles are also the same in Dutamasa Battle. You will see your card on the left and your opponent's card on the right. At the top you'll see the health and power status over your card and the same information over your enemy's card. You will need power to cast spells. As you cast spells, you'll see your power bar is reduced. Your enemy's power bar will also be reduced as they cast spells. You can only cast one spell per turn so choose wisely. Your basic attack spell requires no power so it's always a good fall back spell if you have no other spells at your disposal. The spells you have available to you are shown at the bottom of the screen; defense spells on the left and attack spells on the right. Both of these types of spells are equally as important. To find out how much power a spell will take and what it will do, hover your mouse over the spell's icon. If you have enough power and decide that is the spell you want to use, click on it and the spell will be cast. Your goal in battle is to reduce your enemy's health to zero. When you do, your enemy will be defeated and victory will be yours. Power regenerates at the end of every turn, but how fast and by how much depends on what level your character is and how fast their health regeneration is.

Overall, Dutamasa Battle is one of the most engrossing and addictive card based war games online simply because there is so much to the game. It sounds a little complicated and when you first begin playing it might be a little hard to get the hang of how the game is played, but once you go through a few training sessions you should have no problem picking it up. That doesn't mean the game is easy by any stretch of the imagination; simply that it isn't nearly as complicated as it seems at first glance. Take a little time to train. It helps build strength for battle and also helps you get used to what will be required of you when you during battle. This is an excellent game that will challenge you to plan your moves and make the best possible decision to take you through all fifty levels.